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Since I can’t post any graphics,all I can say is:ENJOY!!!

Bob adds: I don’t know why WordPress is giving Pete a hard time, but I’m going to intrude here and share a photograph I think you’ll all enjoy.


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I was up late last night watching the festivities and at this moment I’m running on 100% caffeine and adrenaline.I wanted to post this before my morning nap (being retired has its advantages).I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at Romney’s performance and relished the reactions of the usual liberal suspects.Of course,every pundit has an opinion posted this morning and I’ve chosen some of the best.

One of the things I was glad to see was that everybody learned what we already knew:Obama is NOT the most gifted orator of our time.He’s a two-bit hustler with a decent voice that reads words somebody else has written to adoring crowds and is not used to being questioned.The few press conferences he’s had during his term were lovefests where he is never challenged on his lies and uses an hour to answer five softball questions.I likened him to a schoolyard bully who pushes the other kids on the playground around until somebody stands up to him and he is shown to be the consummate coward.Ill-prepared,ill-tempered and completely detached from events surrounding him.Apparently he thought he could waltz through last night on his thin list of talking points and have the masses swoon over his supreme being.He started out giving a shoutout to his brood mare and it was all downhill from there.

It was a classic case of a man who’s had to work all his life and been responsible for the welfare of others against one who’s led a sheltered life,had everything given to him and never wanting to be responsible for anything.Witness his short career in the State Senate and US Senate where he voted ‘present’ on all but rare occaisions.Romney came prepared with facts and an idea of what he had to accomplish,as a businessman does, while Obama pretty much went through the motions and paid a dear price for it.

I’m posting some of Romney’s best lines in Pete’s Pix,and Chrissy,I’m posting a link here that shows the entire debate in seven parts,since you only heard it on the radio.You’ll want to see it.Trust me.

The most surreal moment for me was overlooked by everybody.DW,who is totally apolitical,was watching it with me when Obama said something about Lincoln starting the transcontinental railroad and some college while the Civil War was raging.

‘What the hell was that?’ she queried.

I told her he was just slinging some bullcrap while he tried to think of something relevant to say.It’s in the video but it goes by quick so you have to watch for it.On with the Grudge!

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Jon Stewart SHREDS Obama response to attacks

Pete’s probably got this posted already. Or will have it tomorrow. I’m going to stick it here regardless. It’s THAT GOOD.

Plus, I have the worst case of conjunctivitis ever, both eyes are horror-movie-demon-eye RED, swollen, HURT LIKE HELL … it’s hard to read. It hurts to read. I’m doing what I can and would appreciate prayers. I took a pic of my eyes but it turned out so dang creepy, I’m gonna spare you.

Trying to offer it up for the nation while simultaneously whining at everyone I know to please pray, dousing myself with everything in my available arsenal and fervently hoping tomorrow will be better.


Now, Jon Stewart …



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