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Proud Products of Plantation Skoolz

We already knew that Trayvon’s ghetto supporters can’t read cursive. Apparently, they also can’t spell.

2013_07 Justice for Trayon

Civics and Logic do not appear to have been on the curriculum either.

Time for a new tv

But you know what? It isn’t white Republican leadership that’s made them this way. It’s black Democrat leadership.

2013_07 Not a real Reverend

And if there’s one thing that is painfully clear, the children of rich, black leaders do NOT attend the crappy ass ghetto skools the children of poor, black Democrat Tools like Trayvon and Jeantel attended.

Obama girls getting a GOOD education

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A Just War

Catholic Mass in War

The Catholic Catechism – The Use of Military Force

Section 2328 – The Church and human reason assert the permanent validity of the moral law during armed conflicts. Practices deliberately contrary to the law of nations and to its universal principles are crimes.

Criteria for a just war:

  1. Authorization by the competent authority;
  2. a just cause;
  3. a just purpose;
  4. war must be the last resort;
  5. the methods used must be proportionate;
  6. there must be a prospect of success.

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