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The incredible witness of Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. His testimony here is amazing. Truly jaw dropping. I urge you to find the time. Bring tissues. And listen to the end. The last few minutes are priceless.

Jim Caviezel – Inspirational video [39:26]

Favorite quotes: “Every generation of Americans needs to know that freedom exists not to do what you like, but having the right to do what you ought.” [23:17] “Lay it down for Jesus or deny Him.” [24:06] “Can society exclude moral truth and moral reasoning? You weren’t made to fit in. You were made to stand out.” [26:36] “You can’t be an Olympic athlete by practicing once a week. You have to take Jesus Christ into your life every day.” [27:39] “Guys! Our Father is REAL.” [28:25] “The people need to see God in you. … They see you; they want that.” [29:11] “Every day, the Word of God.” [29:25]

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About asphyxiation:

According to the highly respected forensic physician, Frederick T. Zugibe, of The Crucifixion of Jesus: A Forensic Inquiry, crucifixion does not kill by asphyxiation. I highly recommend the book, which does a masterful job of explaining the physiology of Jesus’ suffering and death in terms this liberal arts major could understand.

I especially gained an appreciation for the Agony in the Garden, something I’d never thought about much. Zugibe explains the rare phenomenon of sweating blood and what causes it.

He goes into a lot of detail about where the asphyxiation myth originated, why it is so commonly believed, and the great lengths he went to investigate and eventually debunk it.

He also explains his research into how Jesus’ hands and feet were most likely nailed without breaking any bones. I was fascinated by his finding, supported by a real life murder case he worked on in which the victim had put her hand up and been stabbed through the hand without breaking a single bone.

Buy Zugibe’s book @ http://www.amazon.com/Crucifixion-Jesus-Completely-Revised-Expanded/dp/1590770706.


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Hypocrite thy name is Democrat

Martha Robertson Jailhouse Crock

Robertson is running for Congress is my district against the Republican incumbent, Tom Reed, who is a PROVEN CONSERVATIVE with a real heart for listening and representing ALL his constituents.

One time, I wrote to him about a vote I thought I disagreed with, but his response convinced me he’d done his homework and voted correctly. He agreed with me in principle, but said the text of the specific bill was seriously problematic.

Dearest has also met him personally a number of times in small sessions with local Republican leaders and watched him manage larger townhall style meetings where tempers can get hot. He said he’s a good man and an excellent representative.

Dearest has also met Robertson and seen her operate. She’s a female Chuck Schumer. Neither of us would vote for her if she was running unopposed. I read her blog for a while, but it made my head spin so I stopped. One time, she went on about how she really does not get at all why Republicans make such a big deal about the American flag. Another time, she preened about going to the trouble to visit a new polling space that had been volunteered by a church to make sure no voter would have to see a cross or other religious symbol!

SERIOUSLY?  Are Leftists really so far out of touch with reality that they can simultaneously freak out about a voter seeing a cross on a wall, but not understand the flag?

Oh wait … yes, they can. In fact, they do it ALL THE TIME!

Modern Political Debate

Tebow v Collins

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Mascot Update

Mama and Lil Buzz washed and cut up potatoes, her hand over his hand. Then he put all the pieces in the pot by himself. This is a lot of progress for our Lil Buzz!  I’m so happy that Mama is getting such great advice and assistance to help him learn.

2015_04 29 W kitchen helper

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The Gosnell Movie is a GO!

2014_05 15 Gosnell movie is a GO



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Loathsome little replicas

Flowers reflected in droplets

Excerpt from a letter by Screwtape (a senior demon in the Lowerarchy) to Wormwood (a junior demon on his first mission on Earth):

To us a human is primarily Food; our aim is the absorption of its will into ours, the increase of our own area of selfhood at its expense. But the obedience which the Enemy demands of men is quite a different thing.

One must face the fact that all the talk about His love for men, and His service being perfect freedom, is not (as one would gladly believe) mere propaganda, but an appalling truth.

He really does want to fill the universe with a lot of loathsome little replicas of Himself—creatures, whose life, on its miniature scale, will be qualitatively like His own, not because He has absorbed them but because their wills freely conform to His.

We want cattle who can finally become food; He wants servants who can finally become sons. We want to suck in, He wants to give out. We are empty and would be filled; He is full and flows over.

Our war aim is a world in which Our Father Below has drawn all other beings into himself: the Enemy wants a world full of beings united to Him but still distinct.

[From Letter 8 of The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis]

NOTE: You can download the entire book @ http://www.truechristianity.info/en/the_screwtape_letters_download.php


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From Diogenes’ Middle Finger:

The Reinvigorated Thought Police

In the space of just a few weeks, the quality of American freedom has been cheapened and its future made uncertain by a renewed assault of left-wingers bent on having their own way and running roughshod over all other opinions in the process.

This intolerance is political. It is issue-driven. It is meant to ensure a leftist agenda prevails despite legality, logic or popular support. They often exaggerate their claims of support by quoting phony polls and statistics said to reinforce their views.

Despite liberal declarations in 2008 that America was entering a “post-racial” era, the race card seems to be played more than every. Free speech through political contributions (from conservatives, at least) is under fire even though the U.S. Supreme Court, for one, continues to invalidate onerous campaign finance restrictions.  Americans who have spoken out on the issues of traditional marriage have found themselves attacked, protested and forced out of public and private positions they have earned on merit because they dare to hold views counter to the mob.

These leftist have sought to imprint their opinions on America through the media, public institutions and schools. Anyone who is found to hold beliefs counter to theirs are smeared as racist, traditionalist, sexist or homophobic because what this evil minority has not yet been able to do is stop the exchange of ideas that Americans have come to appreciate and is still guaranteed by our Constitution.




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