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10/9/2014; A MIXED BAG OF NEWS

Generally I start bookmarking links in the afternoon and continually check right up until post time. Obviously the spread of the ebola virus is a growing danger along with the enterovirus D-68 which has been traced to illegals crossing the border. Political campaigns are starting to get desperate and there was another shooting in St. Louis when the police shot an innocent black youth named Vonderritt myers Jr.,who was reportedly just holding a sandwich which turned out to be a 9MM Ruger which he fired at police three times before it jammed as they exchanged fire. Apparently the protocol in Missouri is that the police are supposed to allow themselves to be murdered just so the blacks don’t get upset. More on that to follow.










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Speculating about the great sign

In studying the messages given to the seers at Garabandal and Medjugorje, I noticed a great similarity between the two concerning permanent signs that Mary has promised will appear over the sites of the apparitions.

Garabandal, Spain (1960s): A great miracle will appear above Garabandal. The sick will be cured. Unbelievers will be converted. It will be able to be filmed, photographed and televised. Afterwards, a permanent sign will remain at Garabandal in memory of the miracle and as visible proof of our Blessed Mother’s love for all humanity. It will be a thing never before seen upon the earth. It will be able to be photographed but not touched.

Medjugore, then Yugoslavia/now Bosnia and Herzegovina (1980s): A great sign will appear on the Hill of Apparitions in Medjugorje as evidence of the apparitions and as a call to faith and great conversion. This sign will be visible and permanent, the last call for those who have not yet converted. Even non-believers will be unable to deny it.

One night, well over a year ago, I woke from a dream about the McDonald’s golden M appearing in the sky, its two long legs touching down at Garabandal and Medjugorje. It struck me that this made sense. The similarity between the two prophesies does suggest they are parts of a single sign. A golden M of light would be something that could be seen and photographed, but not touched.

The idea intrigued me and the dream wouldn’t leave me alone, so I opened up Google Earth and looked at the two apparition sites. I already knew they were both small, mountain villages, but I was positively gobsmacked to find they are situated on the SAME LATITUDE!  What are the chances?!

Garabandal = Latitude 43.2008° N
Medjugore = Latitude 43.2000° N

Each degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles wide.
69 x .0008 = 0.0552 mile = 291.456 feet.
A football field is 300 feet long.

Garabandal and Medjugorje - Latitudes

Supposing my dream has any cosmic meaning, the next obvious question is where the middle of the M would point.

Garabandal = Longitude 4.4219° W
Medjugorje = Longitude 17.6800° E.

The midpoint longitude is at 6.62905° E.
(I had Mama Buzz check all my maths on this. Twice.)

Funny thing … there is yet another small mountain village at that latitude and longitude. It’s called Ramatuelle, France.

Garabandal Ramatuelle Medjugorje

Ramatuelle is on the French Riviera, but it’s up on a cliff and hasn’t got a lot in the way of history or glamor, so it isn’t one of the hot spots for vacays. There are only two buildings with any historical interest – an old prison and a 16th century church dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption.  Oddly, for such an out of the way spot, I found a whole web page devoted to detailed photos of the altarpiece in the church.

ALTAR Notre Dame Ramatuelle France

But wait. It gets even weirder and more wonderful. We’ve been given enough hints about the actual date of the Garabandal miracle to expect it to occur on Holy Thursday, April 13, 2017. On the Hebrew calendar, this day will be Nisan 17, 5777. Look again at the Hebrew year. 5777.  5 is Mary’s number.  777 is the sign of the Trinity.  Now check out what is at the top of the altarpiece.

777 on Ramatuelle altar top



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