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This week in “Democrat Liars”

Rachel Dolezal's natural look

See if you can count the number of “Special Snowflake” groups Rachel Dolezal lied her way into.

Rachel Dolezal has claimed to be a female of “African-American, Native American, German, Czech, Swedish, Jewish and Arabic” heritage.

  • Her parents are white and of primarily German and Czech heritage.

Rachel Dolezal has claimed that a black friend named Albert Wilkerson is her real father.

  • Her mother says she has never even met Albert Wilkerson.

Rachel Dolezal has claimed that her mother’s current husband is her step-father.

  • Her mother says she has been married to Rachel’s father since before Rachel’s older brother was born.

Rachel Dolezal has claimed that her mother and “white stepfather” beat her with a “baboon whip” for being half black.

  • Her brother says the accusation of physical abuse is a lie. Plus, she’s not half black.

Rachel Dolezal has claimed she was born and lived in a teepee and has recounted hunting for food with bow and arrow.

  • Her parents say that is all made up.

Rachel Dolezal has claimed then she and her family lived in South Africa when she was a child.

  • Her parents say they served as Christian missionaries in South Africa after Rachel was grown up, but she never visited them there.

Rachel Dolezal says she is blonde because she had cancer.

  • Her childhood and teen pictures show she is a natural blonde.

Rachel Dolezal has claimed Izaiah Dolezal is her son.

  • Izaiah Dolezal is one of four black children Rachel’s parents adopted.

Rachel Dolezal presented a series of paintings done “from the perspective of a black man” for her MFA thesis.

  • The dean wasn’t happy and wanted to know how a white woman was qualified to tell this type of story.

Rachel Dolezal says she was date-raped by a mentor, but that she couldn’t do anything about it because he was rich.

  • She never reported anything to the police and no one was ever arrested.

Rachel Dolezal claims to have been the target of at least eight hate crimes by white supremacy groups.

  • Police investigation found no evidence to support her allegations.

Rachel Dolezal claims she is a professor at Eastern Washington University.

  • The University says she is not a professor, but merely a part-time instructor who is hired quarter by quarter as needed.

Rachel Dolezal has claimed to be a professor in the Art Department at North Idaho College.

  • She is not listed on the Faculty and Staff page.

Rachel Dolezal claims to be a licensed intercultural and diversity trainer.

  • She does not say where or when she allegedly earned this credential.

Rachel Dolezal also claims to have taught biology to middle school students and worked as a legal secretary.

  • Each of these professions requires specific training and accreditations she does not have.

Her bios also list political campaign manager, Zulu and ballet dancing, culinary arts (including sushi chef), modeling, and African hair stylist.

But wait … it gets better!

Rachel Dolezal also “entertains an interest in the medical field and has begun Pre-Medical studies, working toward an MD and a residency in trauma surgery.” She “hopes to combine her medical knowledge, her skilled hands, and her passion for human rights to engage in life-saving trauma surgery efforts around the world.”

I am not making this up!

Rachel Dolezal identifies as a bisexual, single mother.

  • She was divorced in 2004, when her ex-husband accused her of lying and “poisoning” his relationship with their son.

Lying? Really? What a shock.

Dolezal's copyist painting

Dolezal Shape of Our Kind



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The road less taken

When children say, “That’s not fair!”, it means, “Someone is getting something good that I’m not getting!”  Somewhere along the road to maturity, we learn better.  Sadly, not everyone travels the road to maturity.

2015_06 Cruz vs Sanders on taxes


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Another weekend gone. Another monument to lies and hypocrisy. Here are some of the high (low) points as best as I can remember them:

It was big news when Barry came to the Hill to push the TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership) and it ended up going down to defeat. Nobody really knew what was in the bill because it was kept secret,just like Obamacare.

What we knew was:

Obama was pushing for it and he’s never once done anything that would make the country better.

Republican sellouts were ordered by their corporate masters to vote for it.

Democrats were ordered by their union masters to stop its passage.

Barry was livid when, for once, the dems spit out instead of swallowed.

Pelosi wants more spending before they vote for it.

Meantime, Jeb Bush is officially announcing his candidacy for president today. He makes the 356th person to do so.

The butcher of Benghazi restarted her campaign to bullshit her way back into the White house Saturday. They had to import people from out of state to make 5,000 attendees. There was an overflow area fenced off that was empty.

Former president Sir William the Impeached is still lying.

Trans-racial fraud Rachel Dolezal is becoming a national joke. Her adopted genuinely black brothers said she told them to keep quiet so her scam wouldn’t be revealed.

So much to do, so little time.





Motherflogger 1






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