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It’s Cruz; Hill/Bern!

Rather than clutter this post with dozens of articles I thought it better to simply rehash the results with a few thoughts interjected, then expand in the reply section. Here’s a few things we know:

O’Malley and the Huckster suspended their campaigns last night… nobody noticed.

Cankles beat The Bern by .2 %. There were 6 precincts where the delegate count was a tie, and the winner was determined by a coin flip. She defied 1 in 64 odds and won all 6 flips. I think Bent Penis supplied the coin.

Trump learned something about having an effective ground game. Cruz beat him by getting the evangelicals out.

The GOP Elite have a new banner carrier…Marco Rubio, Gang of Eight extraordinaire, who came from nowhere to finish third, narrowly behind The Donald.

Klintoon was effusive in her thanking Iowans for her narrow victory, acting like it was a landslide. She had every major democrat bigshot in her pocket and was almost bested by a septugenarian socialist with an army of millennials who have no clue how things work in the real world.

The last two winners of the Republican caucuses were Rick Santorum and Huckabee….for what it’s worth.




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Wurdz uv Wizzdumb

I wuz edikated in the pubelik skool sisdem. My spel chek just ecksplodid. itz erly and im board.




It’s 6:00 AM. Time for a nap (old retired peoples’ privilege)….back with your caucus wrapup in a little while.

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