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Where’s Chrissy?

It’s been more than 4 years since I was granted the privilege of posting here. In all that time the one constant has been the best friend I’ll never meet, CtH. She is far and away the most prolific producer of quality material. It’s been since Jan. 31 since anybody’s heard from her. If anybody can make contact, please speak up. We all care about her and the crew here in the bunkhouse are sending up prayers for her welfare. I will try to continue in her stead, but what I do is a poor substitute for her talent.

Just a couple videos from the Republican debate Saturday night. The Crisco Kid whined that the GOP was ‘hiding’ it the night before the Super bowl. Turns out it drew three times the viewers of the Bern and Cankles Show.

Clearly, the biggest loser of the debate was new establishment darling Amnesty McRubio. Gov. Krispy Kreme hammered him mercilessly and some polls have him at 19% and falling.

Robot Marco Rubio: I’ll Keep Repeating My Rehearsed and Poll-Tested Lines

Establishment media darling Senator Marco Rubio embarrassed himself at the ABC GOP Debate on Saturday night.
Rubio couldn’t stop repeating his rehearsed lines and sounded like a broken record.

FOX News put together a montage of Marco Rubio’s rehearsed Obama line at tonight’s GOP Debate.
Marco used the same rehearsed line 5 times at debate.

On Sunday Marco Rubio said he’d keep repeating his rehearsed lines… keep repeating his rehearsed lines… keep repeating his rehearsed lines…

Hillary’s close personal friend and sorry excuse for a “journo-list”Martha Redass was on display trying to beat up on what may be the Butchers’ most serious opponent.

Ted Cruz Shuts Down Martha Raddatz’s Cheap Gotcha on North Korea

Barack Obama’s personal friend then interrupted:

RADDATZ: Senator Cruz you have talked tough about this, you have talked tough about the Mideast — you haven’t gotten intelligence briefings about that. Why not tell us if you would pre-emptively strike a missile on a lunch pad that threatened the U.S.?

At this point, Cruz shut Raddatz down:

CRUZ: With due respect, I have gotten intelligence briefings on the Mideast. Those have been going on for many years. I haven’t gotten the intelligence briefings tonight on what North Korea is doing because I’m here in New Hampshire. And when you are responding to an immediate incident, you need to know the intelligence of what’s occurring.

Barack Obama Celebrates Super Bowl with Picture of…Barack Obama



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