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Understanding Radicalized Non-Jewish Jews

George Soros and the Problem of the Radical Non-Jewish Jew by Dennis Prager

What do Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Noam Chomsky and George Soros have in common?

They were/are all radicals, born to Jewish parents, had no Jewish identity and hurt Jews (not to mention non-Jews).

The term “non-Jewish Jew” is generally attributed to the Jewish historian Isaac Deutscher, who wrote an essay by that name in 1954. The term describes the individual who, though born a Jew (Judaism consists of a national/peoplehood identity, not only a religious one), identifies solely as a citizen of the world and not as a Jew, either nationally or religiously.

Read the rest @ http://www.dennisprager.com/george-soros-and-the-problem-of-the-radical-non-jewish-jew/

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What a scoop!


Actually, not so much. 

Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, the French sculptor who created Lady Liberty, had at one time pitched the idea of a massive lighthouse in the form of an ancient Egyptian female peasant, robed and holding a torch aloft, to be sited at the entrance to the Suez Canal.  

The Egyptians didn’t want it. 

Ancient Egyptian peasants, of course, pre-date Islam by oh, a lot.  Plus, Libertas (Latin for Liberty) was the Roman goddess of freedom.  Many artists of the 18th and 19th centuries were into using her to evoke republican ideals.  For example, she’s on the Great Seal of Bartholdi’s homeland, France.

So, yeah, Lady Liberty was meant to be a Muslim woman.  NOT.

Old News.  Fake News.  CBS News.  What’s the diff?


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Super Bowl Goes Political

They just can’t help themselves. They are so inured in their own self-righteousness and need to destroy anyone who does not share their mindset any time they have an audience they whip out the empty platitudes and fiery passion to quash any independent thought. The Super Bowl has always been a showcase of the best NFL teams and the funniest commercials. Nowadays the commercials are made public weeks in advance of the event itself. I tried looking at some and, trust me, many are NOT for children or adults with any sense of shame. I will include a couple of the milder ones, but they tend to focus on immigration, lesbianism, and maybe some of the most disgusting Doritos commercials I’ve ever seen.

Why Can’t The Mainstream Media Understand That The Super Bowl Isn’t Political?

Many in the media like to feign being above the political fray as they talk about about the partisan divide separating not just political parties, but also so much of America into red- and blue-leaning precincts.

But then they step on what is a great coming together for America, the Super Bowl, by playing up the politics.
“Brady’s nonchalant neutrality is itself a political statement, one that says he’s either too rich to worry about how Trump’s whirlwind of chaos will affect his life, or worse, too indifferent about the rapidly diminishing prospects of those who are not. Of course, this same opinion piece referred to San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the singing of the national anthem as “outright bravery.”

Flashback: Six Years of Obama Super Bowl Softballs
In 2016, when CBS News assigned Gayle King, a donor, supporter and friend of the Obama family, to interview the President and his wife before the Super Bowl, the network guaranteed one of the softest interviews in the history of this administration. Asking not one serious question, the journalist instead highlighted her favorite photo of the President and his wife. King also brought up dance moves, relationship issues and Super Bowl predictions.

10 Super Bowl Ads to Watch: Sexy Mr. Clean; Bud Light’s ‘Ghost Spuds’
First-time Super Bowl advertiser 84 Lumber seems to wade into political territory with a 90-second spot that shows a Mexican woman and her daughter traveling across Mexico on foot

Bud Light is bringing back its iconic 1980s mascot, Spuds Mackenzie, sort of. The dog appears as an unsettling T-shirted ghost

“Born the Hard Way ”
The second-quarter ad became topical since it was released online Tuesday, just days after President Donald Trump signed an executive order to temporarily ban refugees and nearly all citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries. Anheuser-Busch, which started working on the ad in May, says the ad isn’t making a political statement.


Trump supporters call for boycott of Budweiser after it unveils Super Bowl ad telling the story of its founder’s journey to the US as an immigrant
Busch is seen being heckled on the streets when he first arrived as an immigrant
Anheuser-Busch said ad is not a response to immigration changes under Trump
Trump supporters aren’t convinced, and they’re calling for a boycott of the beer
Budweiser Vice President Ricardo Marques (pictured) said: ‘This commercial shows the start of Budweiser’s journey, and while it is set in the 1800s, it’s a story we believe will resonate with today’s entrepreneurial generation’

Will Oscar Ratings Collapse in Age of Trump?
The dismal Oscar ratings for the 2016 telecast might look glorious after this year’s Trump-era show.
This weekend proved one thing beyond a doubt.
The upcoming Oscars telecast will be a three-plus hour rally for the Democrats. Both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards were dress rehearsals for the main event. Let’s face it, the Oscars remain the preeminent awards gala for Hollywood types.

Your complete guide to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show
“I would be shocked but not surprised if she just stopped a song and went on an anti-Trump rant, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, because that’s very much a bridge-burning move,” Aswad said. “But at least as many people, if not more, would support a move like that than be angry with her for it.”

Secretive anti-Trump protests to erupt Super Bowl weekend in Houston
People representing more than a half-dozen protest groups that are set to march and rally here Super Bowl weekend met to coordinate their efforts — in a way New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick would have appreciated. That is to say, the protesters discussed using encrypted communication that would keep opponents from intercepting their messages.








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Stephen King, Anthony Wiener, Donald Trump, and … YIKES!


Pussy jokes vs. pedophilia … ummmmmmmmm. 

Mr. King,  you are a perfect example of all that is wrong with the Left.


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American Feminists: Ignorant, Self-Indulgent Snowflakes



Things tweeters noted Feminists are too busy doing to CARE about the plight of real women suffering under Sharia Law:

  • Screaming about how Republican women aren’t real women
  • Complaining about how oppressed they are
  • Protesting POTUS
  • Putting vaginas on their heads



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The New Rule

Linda Sarsour — organizer of the Women’s March and outspoken supporter of Sharia — says it is INAPPROPRIATE TO JUDGE HER for the nasty tweet she sent wayyyyyyyy back in 2011.


It is SO GOOD to know that SIX YEARS is now the official Statute of Limitations on dumb stuff.  This means we can forget about that joke printed in Justice Neil Gorsuch’s high school yearbook, that robe Senator Ted Cruz wore in college, that tasteless joke President Donald Trump made about attractive women ten years ago, and oh, I dunno, about a bazillion other things you Lefties have made A Big Hairy Deal.


Tell you what, Linda Sarsour.  You repudiate Sharia Law here and now, admit that it is evil and damaging to women, and we’ll just hug it all out, m’kay?


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