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Trump speaks TRUTH to Muslim World Leaders

Trump told all 50 Muslim leaders in attendance at the Summit of Muslim World Leaders, “Drive the terrorists out!”

May 21, 2017:  President Trump in Riyadh

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Civil Liberties Are More Important Than Politics

Last night, Alan Dershowitz told Tucker Carlson that the Special Counsel will help Trump and that all the brouhaha is nonsensical.

2017_05 20 Tucker Dershowitz

Dershowitz says right at the beginning that he is proud to have voted for Hillary Clinton, but that he will always put civil liberties before politics. The video of this fascinating interview is linked here:


Alan Morton Dershowitz (born September 1, 1938) is an American lawyer, jurist, and author. He is a prominent scholar on United States constitutional law and criminal law,[1][2] and a leading defender of civil liberties.[1][3] He spent most of his career at Harvard Law School where in 1967, at the age of 28, he became the youngest full professor of law in its history. He held the Felix Frankfurter professorship there from 1993[4] until his retirement in December 2013.[5] He is now a regular CNN contributor and political analyst.


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Trump H8

They like to say, “When they go low, we go high.”  But the reality is that they go low and then they go lower.

They also like to say “Love Trumps Hate.”  But the reality is “We Love to Hate Trump.”

Lauren Duca is an American writer who is currently a columnist at Teen Vogue, and has contributed to Vice, Complex, New York Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, Pacific Standard, The Nation, and The New Yorker.  A graduate of Fordham University, she is a recipient of the Shorty Award for Best Journalist.

Check out what this award winning journalist tweeted on Friday.

2017_05 19 Lauren Duca tweet


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