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Saturday’s Tidbits

2017_07 08 Ocare fact of the day

MAGA: President Trump’s Weekly Address

FAKE NEWS: WaPo is pushing a misleading story about how the First Lady of Poland allegedly refused to shake hands with President Trump. It didn’t happen, as the FULL video shows.


WHINERS: “European protesters are angry that America isn’t footing the bill for every social justice issue the world can come up with.”

2017_07 Fauxcahontas' foe

FAUXCAHONTAS’ FOE! The Indian-American entrepreneur who is gunning for Elizabeth Warren’s U.S. Senate seat tweeted that he was “deeply saddened” that she had refused his “thoughtful (gift-wrapped) Birthday Gift.” He then posted hilarious screenshots of a DNA test kit he had purchased online for her.

BIASED NEWS: Senator Bob Menedez is two months away from a 22-count felony trial. Menedez is accused of taking gifts from a man found guilty in federal court in April of pocketing more than $90 million in Medicare payments. And yet, this is not making national news at all. Maybe because Menedez is a Democrat?


OOPS: After SCOTUS reinstated substantially all of Trump’s Travel Order No. 2, Hawaii went to its district court demanding “clarification.” The district court told Hawaii to ask the Supreme Court justices, not them.


TERROR: Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist convicted in the November 2009 shooting rampage that left 13 dead and 31 wounded, was sentenced to death Wednesday by a military jury.


BWAHAHAHAHA! CNN has fallen to #13 in cable TV rankings, according to weekly numbers posted on Thursday by TV Newser.


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God, have mercy on the Catholic Church!

Baptismal vow

July 2017 – The secretary to one of Pope Francis’ closest collaborators has been arrested while hosting a cocaine-fueled homosexual orgy in a building right next to St. Peter’s Basilica.

Michael Hichborn, president of the U.S.-based Lepanto Institute, says the Church’s enemies are trying to destroy her from within.

“We know for a fact that Communists and homosexuals were specifically recruited as far back as the 1920’s to infiltrate seminaries. It was a concerted effort to destroy the Church from within. What we are seeing is the culmination of nearly 100 years worth of this effort playing itself out,” he said.

Hichborn said that faithful Catholics must not abandon their Mother, the Church, in the face of such evil. “What Capozzi was caught doing is absolutely vile, but his crime was as much against the Church he claims to serve as it was against the faithful who are affected by his actions.”

I am sickened by this, though sadly, not surprised. It’s not that I expected this degree of filth so close to Pope Francis, but that I have suspected for a long time that his closest advisors are devout Leftists whose true agenda is to advance the cause of Satan by weakening the Holy Catholic Church.

It is my sincere prayer that he has been deceived, rather than complicit, and that this appalling scandal will serve as a much needed wake up call.

Please help me pray for my church and for my fellow Catholics.



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“Here, Jesus Christ is our King”

Poland to Muslims: “We don’t need aggression in the name of Allah.”

Also courtesy of facebkwallflower:

This is an old story, a couple of years old but still interesting.


More. Again from a couple of years back.



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I had a sensational check-up yesterday!

I’ve been cleaning up my dying puter in anticipation of getting an upgrade from the House of Buzz, where puters are upgraded to actual newness, leaving me happily and cheaply surfing the trailing edge of technology. 🙂

Anyhoops, I came across this scan of my graduate school i.d. card. I thought y’all would be highly amused. Keep in mind that, by the time they took this picture, I had been standing in lines for about 5 hours, trying to get registered for the classes I needed. If I look a tad manic, it’s probably because I was feeling a tad manic! LOL
So, on to the main topic!

Fifty weeks ago, I was admitted to the ICU for kidney failure and severe electrolyte imbalance. Then, while I was hospitalized, I sprung a leak and lost a bunch of blood, which led to one more visit to the ER.

Yesterday’s check-up revealed my kidneys have improved amazingly! They were functioning at 15% when I was admitted to the hospital. Afterwards, they improved quickly into the low 20s, then stayed stuck there for months. The nephrologist told me that if they stayed below 25%, I would suffer permanent kidney damage and end up on dialysis.

Yesterday, my blood test showed my kidneys are functioning at FORTY-ONE PERCENT!!

Two other signs of kidney recovery include Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), which is now in the normal range, and creatinine which dropped from 2.0 in April to 1.3. If I do as well again during the next 3 months, I’ll be in the normal range by my next check-up in October!

My electrolytes are still a tad off, but they are improving, and I’ve almost replaced all the blood I lost.

Also, since the hospital, my doctor tested my thyroid, found it underactive and put me on Synthroid, which has helped my energy level. This time around, since I have so many auto-immune issues and continue to battle with fatigue, we tested for thyroid and adrenal antibodies. No sign of either, which is outstanding.

PRAISE GOD!! And mega huge thanks to all of you who have prayed for me!


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