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Egregious Behavior – UPDATED

Lou Dobbs discusses the appalling ex-president who refuses to retire and the Democrat Lapdog media that refuses to call him out on it.

ADDED July 10 by CtH:

I saw an O upon the stair,
A little O who wasn’t there,
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish that O would go away!!!

2017_07 Why is O stalking The Donald

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Pat Sajak Rules Twitter

2017_01 17 Pat Sajak inauguration day2017_01 23 Pat Sajak screamed obscenity2017_02 09 Pat Sajak not my resident2017_02 20 Pat Sajak Groundhog day


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Home Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

Depression heart

  1. Follow a Mediterranean diet.
  2. Eat naturally fermented foods daily.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Allow yourself to weep.
  6. Share with a friend.
  7. Contemplate truth.
  8. Experience beauty.
  9. Take a nap.
  10. Give yourself a treat.
  11. Relax in a hot bath.
  12. Go to bed on time.


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MASCOT: Bunny starts kindergarten next month

2017_07 03 A w guitar

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