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End Times Prophet

2020_05 30 Father Michel

I am very intrigued by Father Michel Rodrigue’s prophecies and plan to dig into them more deeply. For now, let me just share the bit about President Trump:

What I can say about President Trump is only what the Father has told me. He said, “This one, I have chosen him. They cannot control him.” He didn’t say that he’s a saint. He never said that. “They cannot control him. They don’t know on which leg he is dancing.” This is what He said. “Because of this, they have not been able to achieve their task.”

The Father said that Trump was elected because of his angel who modified the vote. He was chosen because the Lord knows his temperament, his skill, his actions, and his will. He was chosen to block the One World Government. This is important because if he was not there, I can assure you that the One World Government, which is the work Satan, would have taken place by now. And I know that I can be at rest with what I have said. I have told all this to the bishop.

I told the people in the United States, “Sometimes Trump acts in ways nobody can understand. But I assure you, you’re blessed to have him, so you must pray for him. You must pray now for your president because he will be under a great danger. They will try to kill him.” They knelt and they all prayed the Rosary.

A group of them committed themselves to praying for the President every day, and when I was in a chapel recently, the Lord said to me, “Michel, I heard the prayers of my people in the United States. There was supposed to be an assassination attempt eight months ago. They didn’t have success. He was protected because of the Rosary.

Later, I received another sign. Again, the Lord asked that we pray for this man because they will try again to kill him. We must pray. We must pray the Rosary.


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JOBS REPORT: [7:45] – Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia on jobless claims numbers, extending the Payroll Protection Program and reopening the US amid coronavirus.

I think we can make a lot of headway this year.”

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