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2020_08 29 mostly peaceful

JUDGMENT: This morning, before I got out of bed, I read a section in Heaven by Randy Alcott about how dangerously wrong this “everybody goes to heaven” thing is and how horrific are the consequences to those who believe it.

Then, I saw this from Babylon Bee. The end of it has this: “Seriously, only racists go to hell.

But we’re all white which means we’re all automatically racist.”

I want to offer up the most profound prayer of thanksgiving that GOD is writing history, not Democrats.

GOP CONVENTION: President Trump’s Acceptance Speech [1:10:22] – “Republicans spent the better part of three nights in their convention presenting softer and gentler sides of President Trump, but the president gets the final words and he came out Thursday in a fighting mood.” – NY Post

AFTER TRUMP’S SPEECH: Rand Paul is worth listening to [9:41] Dan Bongino and his wife also experienced this horror. The first segment of his Episode 1333 talks about his experience. He and Senator Paul both say these are paid, organized, rage mobs, not peaceful protests.

2020_08 29 Democrats riots

DEMOCRATS BE LIKE: As President Trump gave his acceptance speech for the Republican renomination for president Thursday night on the South Lawn of the White House, protesters gathered on the north side of the White House on Black Lives Matter Plaza put an effigy of Trump in a guillotine for a mock execution.

Agitators also chased out a cameraman from the area near the White House. They threatened to beat him up and destroy his camera.

2020_08 29 not a protester

DOMESTIC TERRORISM: The Democrat politicians who are allowing rage mobs are showing the whole world why we need the Second Amendment.

2020_08 29 biden up in smoke

MISPLACED VALUES: Democratic strategists are worried the ongoing property damage, violence, and “Defund Police” efforts could will give Trump an opening with swing voters.

IOW, they don’t care about the safety of law-abiding American citizens that Democrat politicians have deliberately failed to protect. They only care about winning elections and gaining/maintaining power.

2020_08 29 BLM hypocrite

RACISM: According to Democrats: Blacks vote Democrat, Blacks support Democratic candidates, Blacks believe the Constitution is racist, Blacks think police hate minorities, Blacks know Whites are born into privilege and Blacks never receive a fair shake in America, not in education, not in economic opportunities and certainly not in the court system. And here’s the stifling part — anyone who argues differently, sees differently, dares ponder differently is either Not Black or BISCO — that is, Black In Skin Color Only. That is, Uncle Tom.” – Cheryl K. Chumley

CLARENCE HENDERSON: GOP Convention [4:41] I missed this one yesterday when I did the convention highlights. Watch it.

PELOSI and BIDEN: On debating Trump [6:58]Nancy, Nancy, Nancy … slander is still a sin.

2020_08 29 Magic Wand by Terrell

FOUR MORE YEARS: In March 2016, Professor Helmut Norpoth of Stony Brook University in New York confidently predicted that Donald Trump would be elected president.

He is now, just as confidently, giving Trump a 91% chance of winning the election with an unambiguous 362-176 Electoral College margin.

The article explains his methodology.

2020_08 29 usps

USPS: OvertimeAs Democrats demand a huge bailout for the postal service, a new internal audit has revealed one big piece of unnecessary fat contributing to the USPS’ inability to balance its own books.

Postal employees are allowed to determine their own overtime hours without needing prior management approval and management does not always keep accurate payroll records.

Little surprise, then, that overtime pay has become nothing short of a scandal.

More than 4,000 postal workers last year actually earned more in OT pay than their base pay! And this in a time when employee numbers have gone up while the amount of mail delivered has declined.

CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING: [2:11] – In Atlanta, a two-week-long effort by the Marshals Service, state and local law enforcement rescued 26 children and safely locate another 13. The children ranged in ages from 3 to 17. Marshals believe at least 15 had been victimized by sex traffickers.

Last month, a similar effort in Michigan located 123 of the 301 children that had been reported missing in the area. Three cases that were related to sex trafficking and one homeless teen who had not eaten anything in three days.

2020_08 29 Teaching online

TEACHERS: I always thought teachers were heroes. Now I think they are SUPER heroes!

2020_08 29 Melania LOL

MELANIA’S DRESS: I’m not sure why she did this, but it made me laugh!


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