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BIDEN: “Why in God’s name don’t we teach history in history classes? A Black man invented the light bulb, not a White guy named Edison. … We’ve got to give people facts.” – Joe Biden, Sept 3, 2020

Okay, Joe, here are the facts: “A White guy named Edison” invented the first commercially successful, incandescent light bulb in 1879. A year later, Lewis Latimer, a Black inventor who worked with Edison, patented a filament that worked better than the one Edison had invented the year before.

CALIFORNIA: San Francisco – Gym owners in San Francisco are furious that, while they have not been allowed to reopen, gyms in government buildings have been open for months.

NEW YORK: Rochester – Jribs was a locally-owned corner store that offered a variety of products and services, including UHaul rentals.

PENNSYLVANIA: Pittsburgh – A parade of BLM demonstrators marched down Pittsburgh’s streets on Saturday, carrying an “Abolish Police” banner and screaming “F*** the white people that built the system” and “No justice. No Peace.”

Some of the demonstrators detoured into an outdoor dining area along the parade path, shouting obscenities at diners and ordering them to get out while drinking their beverages*, smashing dishes, and overturning the restaurant’s furniture. (There is a video embedded at The Blaze, but I can’t get it to embed here.)

*Re: That t-shirt … keep in mind that the Left defines all Trump supporters as Nazis.

TAXES: “They are the two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time, and will ever continue to struggle. The one is the common right of humanity and the other the divine right of kings. It is the same principle in whatever shape it develops itself. It is the same spirit that says, ‘You work and toil and earn bread, and I’ll eat it.’ No matter in what shape it comes, whether from the mouth of a king who seeks to bestride the people of his own nation and live by the fruit of their labor, or from one race of men as an apology for enslaving another race, it is the same tyrannical principle.” – Abraham Lincoln, October 15, 1858 Debate at Alton

TEXAS: 2020 – A new Dallas Morning News-University of Texas-Tyler poll has Trump leading by two in the Lone Star State (48% to 46%). In early July, Biden was ahead by 5.

WALKAWAY: Today’s excerpt – “Because of the hateful way politics were discussed in my family, I shied away from getting involved in watching anything political on TV. It was too stressful for me. I voted for Trump in 2016 but NEVER watched him on TV. Why? Because I would see the snippets and headlines on the mainstream media and thought he was a loose cannon. Then came Covid. I started watching his town hall meetings…the first one I watched I was on the edge of the couch ready to run out of the room because I just knew..any minute it was all going to go sideways. The whole time I was watching him I thought, wow he is intelligent…he has a sense of humor…he makes sense…what the hell am I missing? Well….the epiphany for me was when I saw the clips the mainstream media would show the following day. Completely taken out of context to fit their narrative! OMG! It was a Running Man moment for me. If you have watched that movie you will remember that the whole thing started with an edited version of the truth. Mind blowing and eye opening.”

GRAMMY NOTES: As I’ve mentioned a number of times, our Lil Buzz is autistic. He’s highly intelligent, but has a very, very difficult time speaking. This is one of the tools they use to help him. Mama says, “If I can verbalize for him what he’s feeling, he always feels better.”

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