As a long-suffering Bears fan, what the Packers did to them last night is reminiscient of what the GOP did to the libs last Tuesday. With the score 42-0 at halftime it was all over but the bloodletting.








Repudation Blues


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Salon Attacks Military, White People, American Culture On Eve Of Veterans Day…Update: Let’s Look At Who Salon Does Call ‘Hero’

    Put a man in uniform, preferably a white man, give him a gun, and Americans will worship him. It is a particularly childish trait, of a childlike culture, that insists on anointing all active military members and police officers as “heroes.” The rhetorical sloppiness and intellectual shallowness of affixing such a reverent label to everyone in the military or law enforcement betrays a frightening cultural streak of nationalism, chauvinism, authoritarianism and totalitarianism, but it also makes honest and serious conversations necessary for the maintenance and enhancement of a fragile democracy nearly impossible.


  2. Pistol Pete

    ABC: GOP Must Take Risk And Confront Their Base
    Appearing on ABC’s This Week w/ George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Mark Halperin co-host of With All Due Respect on Bloomberg, pressed the GOP to take “take some risks” after winning control of the Senate during this year’s midterm elections.

    Speaking during a panel discussion, Halperin argued that the GOP runs the risk “standing up to the Tea Party caucus and talk radio” but that they must take risks “if they want to do what’s good for their politics and good for the country.”
    Translation:abandon your base yet again and capitulate to the party and the tyrant you just thrashed.This is going to go on as long as they have the majority.


  3. Pistol Pete

    Obama Thinks He Lost Because He Didn’t Have the Right Message
    Obama told Bob Schieffer he lost the midterm because he did not have the right message.

    “I think the one thing that I do need to constantly remind myself and my team of, it’s not enough just to build the better mousetrap. People don’t automatically come beating to your door. We gotta sell it. We gotta reach out to the other side and where possible persuade.”

    For the record, Obama reached out to Republican leader Mitch McConnell exactly twice in the last six years.

    Obama still doesn’t get it.
    It’s your policies that stink, not your message.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Their idea of how to sell a product is to make it illegal to not own the product and then drive all competitors into bankruptcy.


  4. Pistol Pete

    Superstorm dubbed the ‘Bering Bomb’ sends temperatures plunging across the country: Explosive storm more powerful than Hurricane Sandy hits
    Flurries expected today in Maine, Vermont and upstate New York
    Snowstorms will become more widespread over the next week
    Daytime temperatures below freezing set for much of New England
    Follows winter typhoon over Alaska moving frigid weather system south
    So-called ‘Bering Bomb’ recorded sharp drop in pressure over weekend

    Global warming nitwits prepare to bellow in 3…2…1


  5. Pistol Pete

    Black teacher goes off on ‘crackers, kill yourselves’ rant; ‘Ask why she’s still employed’
    A Texas teacher set Twitter ablaze Friday with an inflammatory tweet.

    The woman, identified by other Twitter users as Duncanville High School teacher Vinita Hegwood, unleashed a profanity-laced, racist tirade on how “Crackers” should “kill themselves.”

    (Note: Very strong language ahead)
    Click the link to see it for yourself.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Betting the union protects her right to sit in an empty room and collect her salary and benefits for doing nothing.


  6. Pistol Pete

    Valerie Jarrett To Obama During 2012 Campaign. “I Don’t Understand How You’re Not Getting 85% of The Vote”…
    She’s like the disciple Val to her Chicago Jesus

    Jarrett holds a key vote on Cabinet picks (she opposed Larry Summers at Treasury and was among the first Obama aides to come around on Hillary Clinton at State) and has an outsize say on ambassadorships and judgeships. She helps determine who gets invited to the First Lady’s Box for the State of the Union, who attends state dinners and bill-signing ceremonies, and who sits where at any of the above. She has placed friends and former employees in important positions across the administration—“you can be my person over there,” is a common refrain.


  7. Pistol Pete

    Gergen: It’s the 4th Quarter and Obama is ’20 Points Back and Acting like He’s Ahead’


  8. Pistol Pete

    Reid leaves a legacy of wreckage

    The House passed more than 300 bills but they mostly died from neglect in the Senate. What little legislation that made it to the floor crashed as Reid manipulated Senate rules to ban amendments and debate. When Republicans refused to bow to his tin-pot dictatorial rule, he accused them of obstructionism.


  9. Pistol Pete

    Dems Realize “War on Coal” Cost Them Coal Country

    People are funny that way. They cling to their bibles and guns. And then if you declare war on them, they don’t want to vote for you.

    Coal-heavy districts in West Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois that had been steadily moving away from Democrats in recent elections appear to have completed that shift Tuesday, when they overwhelmingly backed Republicans who vowed to oppose what they call President Barack Obama’s “war on coal.”


  10. Pistol Pete

    Scott Walker Hints at WH Run: ‘Governors Make Much Better Presidents’


  11. Pistol Pete

    NO WORK, NO FOOD: Maine Changes Rule for Food Stamps That Every State Should Imitate
    Another state is making people work for food stamps, and it has some people up in arms without knowing all the details. Typical liberals, who are filled with lots of emotion but low on the facts, are worried that children and disabled people will now go without. If they did a little research, they would know this expired waiver will only affect able-bodied people with no children.

    What’s going on in deep blue Maine?


  12. Pistol Pete


    The Minneapolis public school system announced a major new district-wide policy for disciplining students: any suspension of a non-white student requires the district superintendent’s approval.
    The MPS has been stung by reports that students of color are 10 times more likely to receive a suspension than white students. The Minneapolis school system has an enrollment of over 32,000 students. Seventy percent are non-white.
    School superintendent Bernadeia Johnson, a black woman, maintains that she wants to “disrupt” the current suspension trends.
    What are they supposed to do?Suspend well-behaved white students because the blacks are savages?
    They might as well announce you can do whatever you want to whoever you want as long as you ain’t white.


  13. Pistol Pete

    How Delusional Are Libs On Islam?…

    This delusional:


  14. Pistol Pete

    Schieffer to Obama: ‘Do You Like This Job?’

    Other presidents had zest, where’s yours?

    “All the presidents in modern history who have been successful, I mean in various ways — LBJ, FDR, Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, Bill Clinton — they all seem to have a zest for politics. They like the give and take, they like the twisting of arms, they like the cajoling, they like all the things that presidents do. But I don’t sense that you have the same feeling that they did. It makes me wonder: do you like politicians? Do you like politics? Do you like this job?”


  15. Pistol Pete

    Michelle Obama Appears In Veterans PSA with Cartoon Penguins

    First Lady Michelle Obama appeared in a video today to raise awareness about veterans issues. Sounds pretty standard, except for the fact that her co-stars were those cartoon penguins from the Madagascar movies (the video was a collaboration between Dreamworks and Joining Forces).


  16. Pistol Pete

    George W. Bush: My Regret on Iraq “Is That a Violent Group of People Has Risen Up Again”

    “I think it was the right decision. My regret is that a violent group of people has risen up again. This is al Qaeda plus. I put in the book that they need to be defeated. And I hope we do. I hope that the strategy works..”

    It’s just too bad Barack Obama removed all US troops from Iraq.
    Now we have ISIS.


  17. Pistol Pete

    Obamacare Architect: Yeah, We Lied to The “Stupid” American People to Get It Passed
    You can’t do it political, you just literally cannot do it. Transparent financing and also transparent spending. I mean, this bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes the bill dies. Okay? So it’s written to do that,” Gruber said. “In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in, you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed. Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.

    A few points. 1. Notice how lying to the American people is completely justified by Obama administration standards so long as the ends justify the means. Gruber would “rather have this law than not,” and therefore purposely lying about what the law actually is in order to get it passed is completely acceptable. regardless of the negative effects it has on the lives of Americans. 2. Lack of transparency might be a huge political advantage in the short term, but long term there are consequences from voters, which is exactly what we saw last week during the Democrat blood bath at every level of government across the country. 3. Insulting Americans as stupid and deceiving them is a really good way to lose your power on Capitol Hill, which is again exactly what we saw last week in the 2014 midterms. Twenty-eight Senators who voted for Obamacare are now out of the Senate for one reason or another.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Justifications for lying as a means to an end is a value shared by Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and Muslims.


  18. Pistol Pete

    How Dems’ plans to play Hispanic card crashed and burned in New Mexico
    When national Democrats surveyed the country for vulnerable GOP House seats to pour money into to pick up, incumbent Steve Pearce’s seat in the Second District, with a majority of registered Democrats and a large and growing Hispanic population, seemed an obvious choice. An attractive, female, Hispanic candidate, Roxanne (“Rocky”) Lara, a lawyer and the first Hispanic president of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, seemed ideal. Michael Coleman of the Albuquerque Journal (hat tip: Instapundit) writes an excellent analysis of how those plans crashed and burned, yielding a stunning 30-point margin of victory for the white guy, 65% to 35%.


  19. Pistol Pete

    Video blows us away! ‘This ain’t some podunk republic of Who Gives a S**t, this is America, damn it’
    Matthew Continetti, editor of the Washington Free Beacon, has put together a “branding video” that is warming the hearts of freedom loving Americans

    Read more:


  20. Good afternoon! I’ve got a dangerous amount of tabs open, and I haven’t even checked news from today. I’ll try not to overload the blog.

    To start with, this is not the funniest “Hitler meme” video, but it’s got its moments. And, it references my Senator!

    Hitler learns about the midterm election
    Posted by fellow Okie Cuz BD, whose headline was That Time He Found Out that Inhofe Will Now Chair Environment and Public Works — heh.


    • I am definitely stealing this one.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I always love the bit where he takes his glasses off. Hee hee hee. … More giggles when he goes on and on and on in German, throws his pen down angrily, and the caption says, “Ya think?” LOL ……. “Maybe we should dig up his real birth certificate and put him out of his misery” ROFLLLLLLLL


  21. Can’t recall, was this covered here? There’s Ebola, there’s that paralyzing disease, and now, “unexpectedly,”

    “Over 300,000 Americans have already been infected with the potentially fatal ‘kissing bug disease’ called Chagas but U.S. healthcare workers lack of knowledge about the illness is letting many cases of the parasite unnoticed. Some doctors are calling it the ‘new AIDS’ because of the way it develops.”

    Absolutely no relation to our recent influx of folks from countries where this is rampant. None whatsoever.

    Daily Mail c/o Gateway Pundit


  22. On Saturday, I left a comment that I was a day late mentioning the anniversary of the Berlin Wall. Sunday, all the blogs had articles about it. I was a day early. Oops.

    National Security under President More Flexible After the Election:

    In what could be the ultimate act of cyberterrorism against the United States, Russia has left us a gift in our infrastructure – a Trojan Horse form of malware, codenamed BlackEnergy, that is now pervasive throughout our systems and we don’t think we can get rid of it for years, if ever. We are talking about the power grid, water treatment plants, gas lines and nuclear power plants – America’s very life lines. The stupidity of all this makes my eyes bleed. We put our vital infrastructure on the Internet, opened the doors and invited the vampires in for a good time. Now, DHS says it is a ticking cyber bomb that could cause an economic catastrophe.

    Noisy Room


  23. “What’s Wrong with This Picture” department

    Video at Truth Revolt


  24. I had just decided not to link the Free Beacon promo, when I see Pete has that covered. I hope I don’t step on any of Pete’s links, because, what if he didn’t post on something and we missed a dose of incomparable Pistol Pete commentary!

    Here’s a local color item with national repercussions.

    The American Bald Eagle has been taken off the endangered species list, in large part thanks to the efforts of the Sutton Avian Research Center. They’re just a couple of miles down the road from our place. We increasingly frequently see these grand birds, soaring majestically. Other eagles, also, screech around, joining some other great birds that we’ve always had, like the amazing Blue Herons. ‘Twas not so when we left for Chicago in 1980. Sutton began about five years before we moved back, in 1994.

    (I do worry about how tasty our little kitties might look to the big predators. We think maybe one of our cats had a close encounter with an owl a while back, or some other predator bird, because they go for the tail. I hope the owl learned a lesson from tough kitty Spark. An eagle can carry off a small sheep, but I don’t think the local cattlemen have to worry.)

    Bartlesville Research Center, Known For Bald Eagle Work, Celebrates 30 Years -CBS/6, Tulsa.


  25. I thought chrissy might want to post about this in more depth, so I’ll just leave a link.

    Do You Believe? movie trailer, from the producers of “God’s Not Dead” (which I have yet to see).

    c/o Noisy Room


  26. Last thing I’ve got in my leftover tabs is this.

    It’s Winter. Beware of static cling!


  27. Seven head of cattle still unaccounted-for after that truck crashed last Tuesday, according to the local rag.

    Check out this amusing video — security footage from a place across the highway from our polling place — of cattle high-tailin’ it across the parking lot at a good clip. Not surprising some are still missing.