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ALABAMA: On Friday, Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill into law banning biological males from competing against girls in K-12 school sports. I guess that’s a good way to protect girls competing for college scholarships, even if the NCAA is making it difficult for states to protect them after they get to college.

CANADA: A Canadian dad has been sentenced to an additional six months in jail after breaking a gag order by publicly objecting to his teen daughter being given cross-sex hormones as part of a medicalized gender transition. He had already been jailed for violating publication and identification bans.

CANCEL CULTURE: [9:03] – Maria Bartiromo had James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, on to talk about his upcoming suit against Twitter. He hasn’t lost a single case so far.

CHAUVIN: CLICK [7:01] to hear Alan Dershowitz opine that he would overturn the verdict based on the failure to sequester the jury and/or move the case to a different city. This appears to have been recorded right after the verdict. Since then, we’ve heard at least one juror say they were all so frightened of being doxxed that they wouldn’t even share names among themselves, but rather referred to one another by numbers.

CLIMATE: Babylon Bee – Scientists who got just about everything wrong about COVID-19 say that, 100 years from now, the earth’s average temperature will definitely be either 1 million degrees Celsius or below freezing, give or take 1 million degrees.

FAUXTUS: [1:52] – What kind of world leader mumbles, bumbles, & fumbles through his words while wearing half a mask? Our so-called president who disrespects our country every day.

FREUDIAN SLIP: CLICK [:13] to hear a real DOOZY from the Slime Stream Media.

KANSAS: Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly has vetoed a number of bills recently that were passed by large margins in the Republican-majority state legislature.

The election reform bill would have required counties to verify signatures on early voting ballots and make it illegal for any person to knowingly alter a postmark on a mail-in ballot. Kelly alleged the bill would have suppressed votes and was “a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.” She also mentioned that “hundreds of major companies across the nation have made it abundantly clear that this kind of legislation is wrong. Antagonizing the very businesses Kansas is trying to recruit is not how we continue to grow our economy.”

The gun bill would have let teenagers conceal carry guns if they had a proper permit. She complained that it would allow more guns on school grounds, which would “drive prospective students away from our schools.”

The sports bill would have banned biological males from participating in women’s sports.

OSCARS: Link to nominees and winners … in case you care.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: Lassie isn’t the only animal smart enough to go get help! After Hickory the Mule’s 60-year-old owner fell of and was injured, Hickory took off down the trail until he found two hikers who he convinced to follow him to where the man had fallen. “He seemed very determined to get us to follow him,” said one of the hikers.

RENEWABLES: Wind and solar will never meet our energy needs. For one thing, they are too fickle. For another, they require massive amounts of materials, including steel, concrete, copper, and rare earth elements.

But the biggest barrier is the amount of land each requires to produce even a tiny fraction of the power we need. But just try saying, “Nuclear is the answer,” to an Enviro-Whacko and watch them melt down.

SCIENCE: The National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services has identified more than 500 “scientists of concern” at 90 institutions that receive federal grants. Ninety percent of them have received funds from Communist China.

We’ve seen scientists tell their American institutions and the NIH that they’re spending 100% of their time here in the U.S., when in fact they’re spending 50-60% of their time in China, so they’re lying about where they’re spending their time.” – NIH’s Michael Lauer

VAX: [3:18] – Thousands of Americans have caught the coronavirus after being fully vaccinated and some of them have died. Meanwhile, there are at least three safe, inexpensive treatments.

VFAUTUS: CLICK [:15] to see her climb stairs to nowhere. At least she saluted this time. BEST comment: “This must’ve been when she went to the border.

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