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BACK THE BLUE: CLICK [:48] to see a real family literally impacted by libtard Austin’s defunding of police. The woman said the drunk driver cut across two lanes of traffic and slammed into her family head on at full speed.

After sitting in the car for a half hour, the driver, who reeked of alcohol, got out of the car and fell to the ground. But by the time the cops came, he had sobered up enough to pass the breathalyzer. The woman says, “He openly admitted [had been] drinking High Noons. … There was no remorse. He never asked if our children were OK. He never apologized.

EDUCATION: [:58] – After this mom demanded to know exactly what her kid was being taught in the public school, state and local branches of the National Education Association (NEA) sued her and filed for a temporary restraining order to prevent the school committee from responding to her records requests while the lawsuit is being adjudicated. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?!

EVs: Battery packs can cost tens of thousands of dollars and represent up to 50% of an EV’s price tag, often making it uneconomical to replace them. For many electric vehicles, there is no way to repair or assess even slightly damaged battery packs after accidents, forcing insurance companies to total even low mileage cars after relatively minor collisions. This obviously increases premiums and totally negates the EV’s alleged sustainability value.

FAA Administrator: Another of Joe Biden’s nominees has been forced to withdraw from consideration in the face of Republicans pointing out that he’s a terrible candidate. In addition to knowing next to nothing about the job Biden wanted to give him, he also has had not one, but two lawsuits filed against him, both for discrimination and retaliatory employment practices.

LOAVES and FISHES: On March 5, 2023, one of the Eucharistic ministers at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Thomaston, CT, realized he didn’t have enough consecrated hosts in his ciborium to give one to everybody still in his line. And then, suddenly there were more hosts in the ciborium! The Mass was being recorded, so the event is on tape and the Archdiocese of Hartford is investigating.

TRANS: CLICK [12:14] to hear Matt Walsh speak some truth to 2 gender power. He does a good job of defining the terms and philosophy underlying trans activism.

TRUMP: Via the Babylon Bee – “As rumors continue to filter in that Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg’s attempt to indict former President Donald Trump is falling apart, a new report has indicated Trump’s team of attorneys is seeking to exploit a little-known legal loophole through which he can avoid indictment by not actually committing any crime.”

In “Why Bragg’s Case Against Trump is Falling Apart,” Georgetown University professor Jonathan Turley wrote, “The problem is that Bragg has long been searching for a crime in the criminal code to fulfill his pitch during his campaign that he was the man for voters who wanted to bag Trump.” But the statute of limitations on the alleged crime he’s been going after ran out 5 years ago. And it was only a misdemeanor to begin with.

Trump has said for years that Democrats have weaponized the criminal justice system against him and Bragg just gave him proof positive to support that claim. With this raw political prosecution, Bragg fulfilled the narrative of Trump, who is rising in the polls.

WHEN WE ARE NOT HEALED: After 40+ years living with chronic pain, I am well acquainted with uniting my physical suffering with Jesus’, as per St. Paul. (Col 1:24) But only this week did I learn from the Lord that we can also unite our non-physical sufferings with His. I have been processing the emotional traumas associated with a long-ago physical and sexual assault. I forgave the perps as genuinely as I could, but still felt so much pain in my memories. In prayer, God showed me that Jesus had not suffered just physically, but also emotionally throughout His Passion, and that I could unite each of my painful feelings with His. After I did this, the pain in my memories disappeared!

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