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ARKANSAS: On Monday, Gov. Sanders signed The Given Name Act into law. Henceforth, without a parent’s permission, school officials may not change a student’s name or pronouns.

BUYER BEWARE: The FTC has filed a complaint against The Bountiful Company for using deceptive sales practices to promote its products on Amazon. Among the violations cited are inflation of reviews and hijacking of Top Pick and Amazon Choice badges. The violations involved Nature’s Bounty supplements, which are still for sale at Amazon.

CHICAGO: A judge has ordered Chicago to reinstate city employees who were fired for refusing the ‘rona jab. In addition, they must be reimbursed for all benefits and back pay, with 7% interested added, and retain any seniority. Sadly, the thousands who caved to the city’s draconian mandate will never be compensated for the loss of freedom or any health problems the vaxxx caused them.

CIVICS LESSON: CLICK to hear Nick Freitas explain to a self-identified civics teacher why the Constitution does not give Americans the right to own an AR-15.

WISCONSIN: On March 3, an 18-year-old “trans” male high school senior entered the female’s locker room where four 14-year-old freshman were changing after PE class. The girls showered with their bathing suits on, which was common practice, while the trannie stripped naked and made a point of exposing his guy parts to all four of them. Shocked, the girls say they closed their eyes and hurried to finish and leave asap.

Sadly, they were so intimidated by the pro-trans atmosphere in our culture that they did not report the incident. However, a friend of theirs did. The article linked below says, “The incident should have been reported under Title IX, an anti-sex discrimination law that protects students against sexual harassment and assault,” which did not happen. All that seems to have been done was that the principal sent the parents an e-mail saying the incident “should not have happened” and vowing to “continue to work to ensure no one has a similar experience.” Except, she didn’t outline any actual steps the school would take.

The district’s policy is to stand by “LGBTQIA+ students and staff,” taking “seriously our responsibility to provide safe, nondiscriminatory, and inclusive environments for people of all orientations and identities as they reflect our diverse community around us.” The statement also says that “all children will be safe and loved in our schools.” Riiiight.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty Inc. (WILL) has gotten involved, noting in particular that the “power dynamics between not only a biological male and female but between a senior and a freshman, and student safety, the age difference of the students here is relevant.” WILL is seeking answers to why the school district didn’t follow proper Title IX procedure and has filed an open records request seeking the school’s restroom and locker room guidance that was in effect at the time of the incident.

WOMEN’S SPORTS: CLICK [1:23] to see the moment when a guy in a dress SLAMMED a volleyball into a genuine female’s face, causing severe head and neck injuries. CLICK [2:17] to hear her testimony about the aftermath of the injury.

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny is working on her American Heritage Girls Pen and Paper Merit Badge. This beautiful paper is one of her projects. Bootz helped.


CLICK for a wheeling-dealing toddler.


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  1. Love the toddler negotiating over cleaning her room. When my youngest was little I used to get exasperated with her over her reluctance to tidy up her room, and one day when I was at the end of my rope I told her she couldn’t have any supper until all the toys were put away. She calmly replied, “Mom, you just don’t see things the way I do. You look at this and all you see is a big mess. I look at it, and I see a room that’s being cleaned up by a little girl who loves her mother very much.”

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