Rudy, Ron and Ronnie

VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani’s 2007 South Carolina statement to Ron Paul was likened to Ronald Reagan’s “I am paying for this microphone” statement in Nashua in 1980.

I never listened to Ron Paul before the recent SC debate. His statement here, the one that set Giuliani off, just confirmed for me what I thought after the SC debate. I.e., Ron Paul may be smart about finance and obstetrics, but he is a flaming moron about foreign policy.


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4 responses to “Rudy, Ron and Ronnie

  1. Great juxtaposition of debates. Always love to hear Reagan!


  2. Pistol Pete

    In a way Newt sort of reminds me of Ronaldus Magnus.He articulates what a lot of us are feeling about being used and abused by both parties.To be successful you have to articulate how you feel in 30 and 60 second bites.The MSM and elitists of both parties can make all the excuses they want and shrug Newt off as some kind of nut case.They don’t think he can attract independents,but Obama’s ratings from that group are abysmal.Many of them have had it up to here with being told we’re not paying our fair share while the statists and their friends get rich beyond their wildest dreams while they piss away our hard-earned money.
    I didn’t post today because I was having issues with Java,but I’ll have a special SOTU Grudge tomorrow.