The Grand Canyon Adventure

From Mama Buzz:

Greetings, PoliNators!  We went to the Grand Canyon!!!  Bunny got to ride in style while we looked at Tusayan ruins.  Buzz had fun walking and climbing around…hard to get him to pose!  Papa Buzz walked around with Buzz, while Mama had Bunny strapped to her and took a million and one pictures 🙂


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4 responses to “The Grand Canyon Adventure

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    … just noticed Monkey Backpack peeking over Monkey’s Cousin’s shoulder. :)))


  2. What A Hoot

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful Buzzies.


  3. GP

    I LOVE that place so much and I hope you all will put it on your bucket list if you have not been there. It is a humbling and incredible moving to stand on the precipice of heaven on earth . How can anyone stand there and not believe in the existence of a higher power? How can anyone stand there and not be humbled by the beauty that God created for us.
    When HE made God’s green earth, SHE gave us a haven.
    It is sad that we humans have overlooked this gift all too often. Nature is a feast for our eyes, and the path to heal our souls.
    Thank you God for this magnificent place.

    My DH and son are heading to Big Sky Country in Sept. Any advice from anyone? How is the weather? Places of interest? Places to stay?