Here’s a cause we can all untie behind

Dec 1, 2012: New York Governor Cuomo’s live-in girlfriend posted this important PSA:

2012_12 01 A cause we can all untie behind

Dec 2, 2012: Three days later, Andrew’s POA posted a sideways picture of their Christmas tree, cuz she was just teh excited about how great it looks!

2012_12 04 Cuomo-Lee ugly tree

The silver-plated reclining tiger guarding this mess originally sold for $4,432, but is now marked down to just $3,694.

So … this is what our once-great nation has become, a place where the governor of the third most populous state is openly living in sin with a woman too dumb to rotate a picture, run spell-check, or have a clue how offensive it is to flaunt a $4,000 carpet ornament in the faces of her neighbors who so recently lost everything in a hurricane. To top it all off, this appalling bimbo is so popular with brain-dead Americans that she rakes in the big bucks with her own t.v. show, calendar, cookbooks, magazine and web site.


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