Boxing Day

King Size Bed

And they laid Him to rest in a box. Today’s children still understand … it’s all about the box! Go to the link below and check out the adorable photos and stay to read the touching and funny comments.


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  1. What A Hoot

    Oh, how I miss going to boxing day sales in Windsor when the exchange rate was so advantageous. A pair of shoes would be marked at 40.00 in both us and canada. We would go over and with the boxing day sale mark down of 40% and the additional exchange rate, the shoes would be $19.20. Sometimes the winter boots would be marked down 60% and one year we ended up fitting the whole gang for $6.60 a pair. These were high-quality boots, too. The best part was the same shoe made for America was regular cow leather or something thin, but the boys shoes in Canada were thick buffalo leather and lasted! We would line the kiddos up, fit them, and were so happy for the bargain. Funny, none of our neighbors or friends went over to shop like we did. Heck it only took twenty mintutes to get to the bridge. Oh, and the fabric stores! The cottons were a tighter weave and 10x better quality. Oh, I miss those days.


    • What A Hoot

      I know I responded in the wrong context to Boxing Day — and DO appreciate your ‘Boxing Day’. Love it! (and then I bring commercialism into it. Gotta get with the program.)


  2. For Oscar, every day is Boxing Day.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I remembered the Star Trek Kobayashi Maru scenario and wondered what Maru means. Got to this @

    Lots of choices but my favorite for why this cat’s name is apropos … “the term maru is used in divination and represents perfection or completeness” and it was used for ships because “the ship as a small world of its own.”

    Ditto the cat. Thanks for this video. I. Love. It. !!