It’s their ideology that matters

2013_04 19 West on domestic Muslim terror

2013_04 19 Coexist bumper sticker on car bomber jacked

MSM tried to blame right wing white Americans for Boston



  •     5 min after bombing, MSM blames right-wing Americans. Now we know bombers are Muslims, it’s “We can’t speculate on motives.”
  •    News Media: Don’t you just hate it when you solve a crime, and then the cops arrest somebody and you have to make it back into a mystery?
  •     People saying “what a great guy Jahar was” are pissing me off.. I wonder how great a guy Martin Richards would’ve been?
  •     The punk placed a bomb next to a child. I don’t need to know why. Because why will not change the fact that he placed a bomb next to a child
  •     That poor dead cop. I don’t need to know that the punk who shot him had a strong relationship with his brother. Save it for Dr. Phil.
  •     The color of their skin is as irrelevant as the color of their socks. It’s their ideology that matters.
  •     Ironic that people who think it acceptable to accuse Catholic priests of being pedophiles are now warning us against stereotyping Muslims.
  •     Video Posted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: “go through martyrdom of Allah”. I say to the media: “It’s the Jihad, stupid.”
  •     One Tsarnaeyev Brother posted youtube videos glorifying Islamic terror attacks. But media holds out hope this was just term paper research.

2013_04 19 Forecasting media coverage of bomber

  • CNN portraying bomber as a “victim”?!
  • CNN wants 2 make sure we know that the youngest #BostonBombers was sweet kid & a good wrestler.
  • CNN – Bomber’s HS coach/neighbor Larry Aaronson calling him a “lovely lovely kid”
  • Bombing ppl is just a hobby.
  • Fort What? Politico Asserts Obama ‘No Longer Has an Unblemished Record’ on Stopping Domestic Terrorism.
  • Obama Warns “Not To Rush To Judgement” About “Motivations” And “Groups”
  • This is the same guy who said the cops behaved stupidly. So yeah. No rushing to judgment there.
  • Media: White male loner killing white kindergartners in CT = NEWS.
  • Media: Black doctor butchering black babies in PA = NOT NEWS.
  • Sure, it’s another attack by Muslims. But they didn’t do anything truly awful like think taxes are too high or own a rattlesnake flag.

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