Environmental Impact Comparison: Fracking – Wind – Solar

Enviro impact - Frack v Wind v Solar



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  1. Mark Steyn calls those ugly wind turbines “Condor Cuisinarts.” As a bird lover, I oppose them on principle.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I read that the wind farms in the UK are not producing power at anywhere near the rate they expected. And some of them were destroyed in a … ahem … wind storm.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    One of my blog-e buds (aka, email listers) is in the oil/gas industry. He sent this reply to the above:


    Someone recently told me that in one of the western states where wind turbines proliferate, the operator/owners are exempt from penalties or fines relating to eagles that are killed by the turbines. I’ve not validated or Snoped the story, but it would be worth looking into.

    The other day while commuting to day job, I was passed by a City of Houston municipal vehicle (electric-powered). On the rear of the car was a logo of an electric plug and cord, bragging proudly of “100+ miles per gallon!” If I had the time to stop I would’ve inquired whether the driver knew the following current facts about his vehicle’s astonishing mileage:

    35 mpg – provided from coal-powered generation plants
    30 mpg – electricity provided by natural gas-powered generation plants
    15 mpg – provided by nuclear-powered generation plants
    20 mpg – all others (hydro, wind, solar, renewables, oil, etc.)

    I’m thinking, like, duh, if they were truly committed to reducing CO2 emissions, they’d reduce their driving by about 65%. But this is probably too much info for low-info voters to absorb.


  3. GP

    The environazies had a fit when birds died from the Valdez disaster. More have died from wind turbines and they are silent. Read more about the impact these death machines have at this link. It is all about the deadly effects of EMF’s. This is why we all need to wake up and oppose smart meters as well, and use cords with our phones, etc.


  4. Massacre of the birds in the quest for clean energy

    • Some experts put bird incinerations at the 300,000-mirror California solar array at nearly 30,000 per year
    • The $2.2 billion plant is the world’s largest and company BrightSource wants to build one even larger
    • The proposed new 75-story plant would be located near the massive bird sanctuary of the Salton Sea
    • Authorities call the smoke trails left by scorched birds ‘streamers’

    “Clean” energy. Yup, positively Edenic. Also, googlesearch: windmill+noise+dangerous.

    We have both windfarms and eagle sanctuaries in too close proximity around here. Such insanity. AmerIndians of tribes that want eagle feathers for ceremonial reasons would commit a federal felony to even touch a fallen eagle pinfeather. But windfarms can julienne them.

    A modern nuclear power plant could be the best, cleanest, most reliable, stable, effective, and safe power generation. And environmentally beneficial. I have read (was it here?) about how the security zones around nuke plants have become excellently flourishing wildlife preserves (compared to areas intended as such)?

    I do have a few qualms about nuclear energy.

    The mountain, already prepared and waiting AFAIK, where the Enviros won’t allow to the waste to go.

    Also, that guy I used to know who talked about how down in the great big pipes of the nuclear plant which he was helping to weld together was a great place to smoke pot. Maybe he was one of those minority of folks who gets more focused instead of loopy-stoned on weed… nawww, he wasn’t. 😯