Obamacare is working (for some)

Obamacare was marketed as a win-win for all consumers, but numerous national surveys consistently show that twice as many have been directly harmed by it as have been helped.

2014_06 Obamacare and hate

Democrats promised Americans that Obamacare would reduce “everybody’s” rates by $2,500 per family. Instead, back in the real world, premiums have continued to climb ever higher. Many consumers have experienced double-digit increases.

Democrats also promised Americans could keep their health care plans and doctors. This has proved manifestly untrue. Millions have lost their preferred health plans and caregiver arrangements as a direct result of Obamacare, with millions more to come.


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  1. Ting

    I cannot believe how downright mean and nasty those liberal tweets were. Those are some seriously disturbed individuals.