Starting this post a little early and I’ll have to cut it short. I’m asking Grunt and Mindful,my new running buddies, to pitch in and help out. I have a very special luncheon today.
You all know about DD, RJ Pistol’s mom and her family. What you probably didn’t know is I have another daughter. Growing up I wasn’t a very good father and that’s something I’ll pay for as long as I live. The problem is she’s as stubborn as I am and neither one of us would budge.
Recall me telling you about the bonfire at DD’s about three weeks ago. She called and said my other daughter might be there with her new boyfriend. Aside from a few words with her at DD’s second wedding I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in almost 20 years. It’s way too long a story. Anyway,she was there and I had a chance to talk to her for about 20 minutes.
She seemed receptive to re-establishing contact,so I told her I’d call her to get together for lunch. She’d finally accepted my friend request on FB and I’ve enjoyed watching her posts. She’s a mom and a career woman.
She said when you get right down to it all you have is family. There’s so much I want to tell her about who I really am,where she came from,her grandma and great-grandparents,family she’s never heard about. It’s very important to me because given my health I don’t think I have a lot of time left.



I’ll carry this with me for whatever time I have left. I wasn’t even invited to her wedding. Hopefully I can change some of that.


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Wounded Obama LOSES IT! Lashes Out at White House Reporter
    “OK, let’s see. See, they may… OK, medical device tax… I’ve already answered, uh-uh, the question. We are going to take a look at whatever ideas… Let me take a look comprehensively at the ideas that they present. Let’s give em time to tell me… I’d rather hear it from them than from you. Major, you know, uh… conceivably I could cancel my meeting on Friday because I’ve heard everything from you.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Reporter Asks Obama Why He’s Only Met With McConnell ONCE OR TWICE in 6 Years


    • chrissythehyphenated

      QUESTION: “You said you were going to end the hyper-partisanship in Washington, but you’ve made it worse. You’ve only met with the Senate Republican leader twice in the past six years. Was that a mistake?”

      ANSWER: “We haven’t been able to get what’s discussed in leadership meetings through Congress to deliver a bill.”

      Uhhhhhhhh … the question was about the LACK of said leadership meetings, dipshit.


  3. Pistol Pete

    CNN Reporter To Semi-Retired President: It’s A Fact Your Party Rejected You…

    During a post-Election Day press conference, CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta straight-up told President Barack Obama it is a “fact” his party “rejected” him in the midterms, and asked Obama how it felt to be a lame duck.



    • Pistol Pete


      I’m having a great time!” Obama said with a smile during the press conference.
      Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus issued a statement after Obama’s remarks blasting the president for failing to hear and understand the verdict rendered by voters.
      “In word and tone he refused to take responsibility or even express humility,” said Priebus. “He seemed to suggest the only ideas he’s willing to listen to are his own, old, failed ones. That’s the same my-way-or-the-highway approach that the American people rejected.”


  4. Pistol Pete

    Republicans Have the Votes in the Senate To Pass Keystone

    Republican gains in the Senate have given Keystone XL supporters a filibuster-proof majority to pass a bill approving construction of the controversial pipeline.
    Before Tuesday’s election, supporters had 57 votes in the Senate in support of Keystone, including a dozen Democrats. After Republicans picked up seven Senate seats (and counting) in Tuesday’s election, the vote count for Keystone had ballooned to 61.


  5. Pistol Pete

    Memo to Lame Duck Obama: It’s time to man up, eat crow and take tea with the enemy
    this was written by that conservative stalwart,Pier Smorgan.Evidently,he’s audtioning for a gig at Fox since he was unceremoniously dumped at CNN.
    (it’s fun when the left eat their own)
    Dear President Obama,

    You’re not just a lame duck this morning, you’re a limbless canard whose head has been so badly garroted it now dangles perilously from your neck like a buckled crane.

    Last night’s midterm election results were the crushing political tsunami that I, and many others, predicted.

    You deserved it. Your leadership’s been awful since you got re-elected: insipid, defensive and thoroughly spineless.



    • chrissythehyphenated

      “It’s time you rolled up your sleeves, Mr President – and made some deals.”

      Never. Going. To. Happen.


  6. Pistol Pete

    Some Gutless Republicans Owe some Apologies to Ted Cruz

    As we wake up today and survey a landscape littered with the corpses of Democrat political careers, it is worth remembering that many people predicted that this day would never come, all because of Ted Cruz. Throughout the last two years, Cruz has been one of the few Republicans who has not been afraid of his own shadow in the Senate, and virtually the only one to publicly stick his neck out in favor of doing anything. And at every step of the way he was scolded by his alleged political betters for damaging the GOP brand.


  7. Pistol Pete

    How Mitch McConnell Outsmarted Obama
    GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell still deserves a large share of the credit for what may seem like an obvious anti-Obama election. How McConnell outsmarted the president and saved the Senate (at least temporarily) is one of the midterms’ more fascinating subplots.

    As Jonathan Tobin mentioned late last night, McConnell belongs at the top of the list of winners, while Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid is second only to Obama in the losers column. Yet the efforts of both men to bring about that result are still widely –and in some cases, probably purposely–misunderstood.


  8. Pistol Pete

    Crowd Erupts After Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Said This About Democrats

    “I’m pretty sure that’s why the Democrats lost the Senate.”
    Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are ripping it up at the Country Music Awards.


  9. Tremendous news, Pete!! Thank you for sharing that. I will pray for your new relationship with your daughter and family. God bless you both at lunch. You have a wonderful family, and I hope you are able to keep it close and well. Chrissy is handling the load pretty well so far, but we’ll do what we can in your absence. Godspeed!


    • Pistol Pete

      She knows we can’t go back and undo what was done.We just have to take it slow and go from there.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’m pleased to report that my pregnant daughter and super-adorable toddler grandson arrived safely after a brutally long day. She was up at 3:15 am; they walked in our door around 8:00 pm. But you know how it goes … that tired makes you kind of wound up, so she talked and talked and talked while he explored, met the dogs (who got a lesson from me about how Junior is PEOPLE, not a puppy, not a toy), and learned a few things he can and cannot touch (yes to shelves of “his” toys, no to dog dishes).

      He very much enjoyed our stairs because our railing has bars he can hang on to. (His railing at home is screwed to the wall, too high for him.) He went up and down and up and down and up and down. He latched on to the shape sorter ball and when I asked him to put it in the box so I could put it on the toy shelf, he shook his head very hard. Okay, so is that your bed-time toy? Yes. Okay. I’ll put the box right here for tomorrow. Then wonder of wonders, he HUGGED ME! I figured it’d be at least tomorrow before he’d want to get near me. 🙂

      Tomorrow will feature a Big Trip to visit with the children of dd’s besties. Two of her brides maids are also home to visit their grands; one has two darling daughters and the other has a son who is due to be in a wedding, so they’re meeting up for the pre-wedding haircut by Sylvia The Barber Lady of Dryden. Sylvia did his first ever haircut last time he visited Mommy’s ‘rents; the Facebook photos were adorable. Nonno (Dearest) is planning to get a haircut too maybe. I gave only one instruction: PICTURES!!!!

      I’m hanging out in my office being quiet, because I’m on upside down time (woke up at 7:00 pm) and they’re sleeping right underneath the television. Maybe tomorrow night, I can use the t.v. without bothering them, but the first night in a strange room/bed is not a restful one, esp when you’re SO tired you’re feeling pukey. (That would be pregnant daughter; Junior’s stomach seems fine.)

      We’ll visit as our awake times and energy allows. My kids grew up with a weird disabled mom; they’re used to just going with whatever I can manage whenever I can manage it. … Oh, and I got a bouquet of sunflowers! :)))))


  10. Pistol Pete

    Online Outrage Brigade Goes After Brad Paisley for Telling the ‘Most Racist’ Joke While Hosting the CMAs
    The joke was partially a plug for ABC’s new comedy, “Black-ish,” which airs on the network Wednesday nights.

    “If you were looking for Black-ish tonight, yeah, this ain’t it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy White-ish,” Paisley joked.
    if they’re outraged at that joke,their heads would literally xplode at some of the jokes I could tell.


  11. Pistol Pete

    Sessions: Republicans Will Fight Obama’s Executive Amnesty For Millions of Illegal Immigrants

    Sen. Sessions will chair the budget committee.This tough little SOB will be a major pain in he ass to the Man-Child.
    “The American people rebelled against the President’s executive amnesty and rallied behind GOP candidates who promised to put the needs of the American people first. It is shocking then that the President would declare that the only way ‘those executive actions go away,’ is to ‘send me a bill that I can sign.’ Otherwise, the President warned, he would ‘act in the absence of action by Congress.’ Of course, Congress has acted, and so have the American people.


  12. Pistol Pete

    Did you know the GOP now controls 66 of 99 state legislative houses?
    The GOP now controls two thirds of state legislative houses – 66 of 99 (Nebraska’s legislature is unicameral). They upped the number of states where they control both house and senate to 24 – one more than they had before the election. And according to this article in Vox, they cut the number of Democratic-held legislatures from 14 to 7.



  13. Pistol Pete

    Bob Beckel admits Democrats cheat in Fairfax County Virginia


  14. Pistol Pete

    Stokes Co. Democratic Party chair arrested for kicking man in groin says he used ‘profane slur’
    The left sure got some butt-ugly wimmins.Is that a slur?

    STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — The chairwoman of the Stokes County Democratic Party told King police that the man she is accused of assaulting Tuesday had argued with her and called her a profane name and a liar before she kicked him in the groin and threw herbal tea on him, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.
    He probably called her a liberal….they hate that name.


  15. “She said when you get right down to it all you have is family.”

    Got all dusty here in the office suddenly, Pete. Sad and happy for you. Twenty years is a lifetime.

    My older (the middle) brother has been estranged from his mother, his siblings, his kids, for a long, long time. I kept trying to be friends with him, until I couldn’t take the rejection any more. Sometimes I think Mom hangs on (turned 94 this year) hoping he’ll have a change of heart. She says (having lost her older brother to an accident when they were youngsters), “I once thought having your child die before you is the worst that could happen to a mother. Now I know there’s worse.”


    • Pistol Pete

      I waited years to make peace with my mom.Thought there’d be plenty of time.Then she died of a massive heart attack at 61.Suddenly all that time was gone.


  16. How about some not-about-the-election items?

    c/o Cuz BD. I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet,
    Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs Researcher Discusses the Role of Family Fragmentation in Domestic Violence

    Video (6 min)

    Nothing we didn’t know, of course.


  17. By the way, FTR, the cattle truck that overturned near our polling place on election morning apparently was carrying 79 cattle. The passenger was asleep in the back compartment (putting out sleep vibes, as we say). Witnesses said the truck seemed to be weaving badly before the wreck, suggesting the driver may have been asleep. (Cause of 20% of accidents, I think I read recently.)


  18. I’ve had this tab open for several days. Glad to be able to close it after this. 🙂

    What 8th-Graders Were Expected to Know in 1910


  19. The wise theologians at CNN:

    A senior American cardinal in the Vatican says that under this pope, the Roman Catholic Church is “a ship without a rudder” and the faithful “are feeling a bit seasick.”

    Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput complains that a recent Vatican conference called by Pope Francis produced “confusion,” adding, “Confusion is of the devil.”

    Honestly, I didn’t bother finishing the article. Just passing it along FYI.


  20. Paving bricks care of the “all cultures are equal” good intentions.

    Daily Beast c/o War News Updates

    They were supposed to be the “new” Libyan Army. Instead they allegedly went crazy in the streets of Cambridge, assaulting strangers, and brutally raping one young man.


  21. Some more local color, if you can handle it, this one from 125 years ago come Christmas. Pardon the length.

    In the local rag, an article headlined Wild Days During Local Oil Boom contained this story, among others:

    One of the first recorded killings in the settlement of Bartlesville occurred on Christmas Eve in 1889 on the steps of Jacob Bartles’ store, according to the “Washington County: A Centennial History” book. Two cowboys, Bob Gilstrap and Frank Leno, got in an argument about one owing the other money. Preparing for a showdown, Gilstrap told the store clerks to “clear out,” then he went behind the counter, picked up some cartridges and loaded his gun.

    Gilstrap left the store first, slamming the door in Leno’s face, then turning and firing his pistol through the glass door at his adversary. Leno answered back with a round of lead that flattened Gilstrap. He died on the front porch but Leno miraculously survived when Gilstrap’s bullet was stopped by the heavy clothing he was wearing.

    Now the way I heard it…

    Gilstrap was a “half-breed,” half white, half probably Cherokee. And he was, by reports, a bum. He and Leno would be dropped on whatever job it was they were doing, Gilstrap would take off right behind the foreman, and not show back up until shift’s end. Repeatedly. One day, paytime came early and Gilstrap missed it. Leno felt it was his due to take Gilstrap’s pay as well as his own. They didn’t see each other again until…

    Walking around with rifles Christmas Eve was no big deal. Not that unusual in the first place, there was also a turkey shoot that day; every man had ’em. So, when Gilstrap and Leno met up on the street Christmas Eve, they were both armed. Gilstrap challenged Leno for “his” money, Leno wouldn’t budge. They got to threatening the way young bucks do, and Leno said let’s settle this the hard way. Gilstrap argued that he didn’t have any ammo. Leno pulled out a coin and tossed it to Gilstrap, who caught the coin, spat on it, and threw it back in the dirt at Leno’s feet, Gilstrap said he actually had money.

    They both went in the store for Gilstrap to purchase some ammo. Clearly, they were bristling, because the clerk pulled out his shotgun, and told the two punks, I don’t care what you two do to each other, but you’re not doing it in here. That’s how I heard it, anyway.

    The shootout through the door matches what I recall. Gilstrap lost, in any case. They had to wait a day, what with it being Christmastime, before they could get a coffin down from Dewey, a few miles north. They then loaded Bob Gilstrap’s body on a wagon, and headed down that muddy road toward Tulsey Town. Several miles south of town, they pulled across the Gilstrap family farm, and up to the graveyard, on the rise above the floodplain.

    Bob and his sibling and their parents’ graves are all in a row in the cemetery, to this day. A local oil speculator (which ‘most everybody who could be was back then) bought the Gilstrap’s farm, but never found any oil there. He gave the property to his daughter and son-in-law as a wedding gift. His son-in-law left it to his son, who died untimely and left the property in an unfortunate tangled partnership of siblings. Eventually, after decades of neglect, and years of refusal to change things, Milady and I were allowed to acquire the place from my siblings, and we have lived here the twenty years since.

    I’ve been kind of neglectful in taking care of the Gilstraps’ markers. They’re laid-flat stones, so they get buried when we cut the grass, and I have to go dig them out periodically.

    My version is from memory, but, mostly right, I think. I’ve told it a few times.


  22. Pistol Pete

    The Hill’s AB Stoddard: Dems say “privately…its all Obama’s fault”


  23. Pistol Pete

    Obama Has Called the GOP’s Bluff. What Will the House Do Next?

    If you were looking for any acknowledgment from President Obama that he bears any responsibility for the massacre Democrats suffered at the polls on Tuesday, then you were probably very disappointed in his press conference yesterday.

    Asked point blank by the Associated Press if, “you feel any responsibility to recalibrate your agenda for the next two years?” Obama replied, “I’m the guy who’s elected by everybody, not just from a particular state or a particular district.”


  24. Pistol Pete

    ‘I’ll hold your hair’: An open letter to the Journal Sentinel’s Dan Bice
    Dear Dan: Go ahead, man. Lean over the toilet and let it out.

    It must have been hard to include Wisconsin Reporter – even backhanded – among the winners in your post-election “Winners and Losers” column.

    Don’t fight it, Dan. I’ll hold your hair.

    In crediting Michael Grebe with Gov. Scott Walker’s Election Day win over Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke, you note that Grebe – Walker’s campaign chairman and head of (what you call) “the conservative Bradley Foundation” – “has poured money into online outlets that dig up dirt on Democrats and liberals.” One of those groups, you say, is our own Wisconsin Reporter, “the first,” you note, “to write up the allegations that Burke had been forced out as head of European operations at Trek Bicycle in 1993.”


  25. The last six minutes of Reagan’s farewell address.

    I usually download videos, and create my own playlist, to watch with Milady and Daughter. I put this at the end of our “election aftermath” playlist. I pre-viewed it, and managed to watch all the way through, but after his final syllable, I found myself sobbing uncontrollably with a big ol’ bag of mixed emotions — if I don’t have to turn in my man-card to say so. Re-watching it with the fam, they didn’t get that far before the tears started flowing, and neither did I.


  26. Pistol Pete

    We were a far better country having had him for as long as we did.It is heartbreaking to think of the office he revered so much having been sullied by the likes of Clinton and Obama.


  27. Ting

    Prayers and happy thoughts for all the family reunions!