America waves BYE-BYE to Obamacrat Tyranny

2014_11 12 Pelosi's delusional analysis

Methinks Fancy Nancy got her metaphors mixed. This wasn’t an ocean wave coming in; it was a great big BYE-BYE, DUMBOCRATS, DON’T LET THE DOOR SMACK YOU ON THE BUTT wave.

2011-2014_11 American trust in GOP v Obama

But if you must use a tidal metaphor, I think you’ll need to go with something more drastic than “ebb tide” for what happened to Obamacrats … say red tide or severe drought or something like that. Obama did say that his nomination marked the day the oceans would cease to rise.  ::snort::

The current Democrat party and leadership has been governing against the will of the people not in conjunction with it. Tuesday night Americans said, “Enough.”

There’s no better example of governing against the will of the American people than the “Affordable Care Act”, aka “ObamaCare.” No poll in America ever placed anything near a majority of Americans in favor of the ACA. Some showed as many as 70% against. Americans never wanted this law, never were in favor of it, pleaded with their representatives not to pass it.

In the two elections held since the passing of that law, twenty-five of the Democrat Senators who voted in favor of the “Affordable Care Act” have been handed their walking papers by the American people — with one more very likely to get hers too in December. Talk about toxic.

All of this damage done by lying through your teeth in order to do it? Not a good way to govern and none of it the Republican’s fault nor the fault of obstructionism. In fact, quite the opposite. Republicans and Tea Partiers tried with all their might to stop the Democrats but were powerless to do so.

Democrats, you voted for it. Your problem isn’t that you couldn’t get your agenda through, it’s that you did.


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