Latest Islamic Attack Story Turns Out to be a Hoax Aimed at Pope; Fools Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Multiple Other US News Outlets

A PoliNation Exclusive:
The story, as reported, is about an attack by 5 Islamic ‘immigrants’ in the streets of Perugia, Italy near the St. Barnabas shrine. It’s difficult to say exactly where the story started due to a lack of good citations, and it’s still being reported as fact by U.S. news outlets. However, just in the last few hours a blogger named John Liburne and I both noticed that the photo of a smashed Virgin Mary statue accompanying the stories was actually from an attack in Rome in 2011.

All English language reports quote either The Gateway Pundit or the translated story by Raymond Ibrahim which cites a Spanish Language news blurb by Alerta Digital, apparently from Madrid. This appears to be the source of the re-purposed photo from 2011.

The fallout from the hoax is that the story is being used to portray Pope Francis as even more willing to excuse the excesses of violent Islamists than he actually is. That, in turn, is generating actual outrage and hatred directed at the Pontiff, all on account of words that he’s not really said about an event that never really happened. He is already under attack for real statements he’s made about the recent French massacre that seem far too critical of those who insult religion and not critical enough of those who murder cartoonists.

It’s interesting that the story is being repeated by the FreeRepublic, which is a news site that also published the story about the original Rome attack, including the picture of the smashed virgin being passed off now as the statue that was smashed in Perugia. They apparently didn’t remember the photo. But they’re in good company. Megyn Kelly also parroted the story on her website.


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7 responses to “Latest Islamic Attack Story Turns Out to be a Hoax Aimed at Pope; Fools Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Multiple Other US News Outlets

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I have been really bothered by Pope Francis’ alleged remark about popping someone in the nose. It hardly sounded like a man who has spent his entire life preaching the Gospel of Jesus, who told us to turn the other cheek.

    I decided to ignore it, since it wouldn’t be the first (or second or third or fourth) time the English media mis-translated or just plain made crap up to use his Pope-iness to promote some political agenda.

    Thanks for posting this, Grunt. If you or anyone else can track down an accurate translation of what he actually said, I’d like to see that. I’ve been too busy and I don’t read Italian anyway. Or Spanish. Or Latin. Or whatever language he may or may not have been speaking when he allegedly ignored Jesus’ teaching.


    • I know what you mean, Chrissy. I think he’s made irresponsible remarks on 3 different subjects (Capitalism, Environment, Islam) that are earning a lot of flack lately that I have a hard time defending.

      The Pope never responded to this event, and it probably never happened, anyway. At least, I couldn’t find any mention in Italian. But the Pope’s actual comments about the Charlie Hebdo massacre, reported from on his plane on his way to the Philippines, I think, didn’t really say anything wrong. But I thought it was kinda waffly. He pointed out that the killings were absolutely unjustified and wrong. He should have ended it there, but he then proceeded, in the eyes of many, including me, to justify their actions by saying that if you “insult someone’s mother, you can expect a punch.”

      He clearly did not intend to justify the killers’ actions, but by his emphasis on how wrong it is to insult religions, he made it so. I think that was a mistake. But the truth is, we have NO IDEA how much time he spent on one side or the other of the argument. His emphasis may have been perfect, and the reporting might have emphasized the incendiary part exclusively. That’s so expected to be almost certain.

      Still, if his Italian was translated correctly into English, his words in saying that “we cannot insult people of faith,” were irresponsible, I think, but only because I think the truth about criticizing faiths is subtle and complicated. Personally, I think his response should have been that we all need to be able to take criticism and jokes, and that includes EVERYONE. If he really said that “we cannot” insult, that was poorly judged. But I can’t read Italian, either. Sorry. 🙂

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  2. I’d managed to miss this story on the news, but I’m glad for this in case I run across it in my feeds. . .

    I’ve come to the point that if “Something Pope Francis Said!” makes the national news, I should just ignore it, because it’s more likely that he didn’t say anything like that, or the context or translation has been mangled beyond recognition.


  3. Fools Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Multiple Other US News Outlets including the webworker news outlet; I failed to go back from Gateway Pundit even to the Raymond Ibrahim level before making my comment on the earlier thread. Thank you and congratulations for doing the deeper digging.

    Your exposĂ© seemed to affirm a feeling that something about the story was off, an “ah-ha! that I’d seen the picture before. Whether I had genuinely had that feeling before reading your exposĂ©, or that was an ex-post-facto induced thought, I cannot now say, although chances are pretty good I saw the smashed statue picture previously, if it got any play. Ah, bio-memory, you trickster!

    Hope your research floats back up the chain now. I don’t know about Megyn Kelly, but the good blogs are always happy to front-page a correction; unlike certain print outlets that reserve them for fine print on page B-42.


    • Thanks Mindful, but you can hardly blame anybody for passing this one along. And it didn’t really get any network exposure, just internet news, so I doubt there’ll be any corrections. And I always appreciate your news blurbs, so please don’t stop! 🙂


  4. yep, another misdirected false flag, false flag. sure, it might well be the truth, but do we really know for sure, that this didn’t actually happen, the way and date it was reported. what a good coverup, coverup to misdirect any feeling of hate toward a certain group of crackpot fanatics. i think it did happen, the way it was reported, and now, the boys are trying to say it didn’t. what a con game.


    • I’m sorry my coverup/coverup/coverup of this falseflag/falseflag/falseflag wasn’t definitive enough for you. You get to make up your own mind about everything you read. Thanks for the input.