Are All Democrats ‘Irony-Retarded’?

Much has been made of the fact that President Obama’s Executive Amnesty adventure was most enthusiastically condemned by none other than himself. In months and years past, the President stated many times, publicly, that such an action would be illegal. Until, apparently, he changed his mind and signed such an order. That patently illegal action is very likely dead now that it’s been halted by a federal judge. Executive Amnesty is not the first occasion the present-day Barack Obama has found himself in stark disagreement with the younger Senator Obama. His miraculously changing views on the ethics of the federal deficit come to mind. But the President has nothing on other high-ranking Democrat Party officials, like former Chairman Howard Dean, who just recently came under fire for criticizing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s credentials to run for President, because he has no college degree. It comes as no surprise to anyone that Dean has praised the credentials of plenty of Democrats who lacked much more than a college degree, some who lacked even a verifiable birth certificate. While this is merely a bit of hypocrisy, the result is ironic when, as Walker pointed out, we end up with Harvard-educated politicians who are still morons. Dean’s successor, Debbie Wassermann Schultz is likewise a legend for her rhetorical gymnastics and amusing contradictory positions.

But the current reigning champ of world-class irony-blindness has to be our Vice-President, Joe Biden, pictured below while still a US Senator and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee deliberating, in 1991, the nomination of Judge Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court.  Those extremely painful hearings were responsible for putting the entire nation on high alert about sexual harassment in the workplace.  Chairman Joe, at the time, was very comfortable establishing that the slightest action by a male co-worker that made a woman uncomfortable, even without any physical contact of any kind, should be dealt with in the harshest of ways.
Later in 1993, while still a senator, Joe said: “No man has a right to touch a woman without her consent, and that’s what we’ve got to get across.” Later, in 2000 while discussing the Violence Against Women Act, he said, according to the Washington Examiner:

“There is no circumstance under which a man has a right to touch a woman without her consent other than self-defense. We are changing the attitudes of America about what constitutes appropriate behavior on the part of a man with a woman.”

Since that time, Vice President Joe Biden has proven to be a man on a mission to disprove all that, and to perpetrate as much sexual discomfort on women as is possible for one man. Who can forget this?
Or this?
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Or this?
And, how irony-retarded do you have to be to accuse Republicans of a “War on Women” while this is going on all over the world, and Democrats actively dismantle our ability to do anything about it?
How do Democrats respond to the subjugation of women under Islam? By excusing it, of course. Just when does a little irony-retardedness become a criminal act? I believe we’ve achieved that reality for some time now.


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5 responses to “Are All Democrats ‘Irony-Retarded’?

  1. Ting

    Great post!


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Here’s another example from my Fox Update email:

    “I’m proud of the fact that basically you’ve had an administration that has been in place for six years in which there hasn’t been a major scandal. I think that says a lot about the ethical strictures of this administration.” –David Axelrod during a discussion of his new book “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics” at the University of Chicago.

    BWAHAHAHA! Whatever he’s smoking is probably illegal in all 50 states! Michelle Malkin filled an entire book with Obama’s scandals before his administration was 6 months old. The one and ONLY reason none of them have become “major” is the butt-sniffing, leg-humping MSM.


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