They’re not all THAT impressed with “Caitlyn”

If they were, they would not have photoshopped the images so aggressively.

Think about it. The whole Courageous Caitlyn meme is that Bruce Jenner finally made the outside of his body look like the image he says he has always had of himself on the inside.

Shouldn’t Jenner’s ACTUAL APPEARANCE be what the Left is celebrating?

Cuz it’s so NOT. The snap on the left is the real deal. It was taken after Jenner’s big car and boat trailer slammed into a small car, killing the driver. Jenner’s responsibility is still being investigated.

Bruce and Caitlin


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2 responses to “They’re not all THAT impressed with “Caitlyn”

  1. Wow Chrissy, side by side like that is … um, disconcerting.

    BTW, did you know Bruce is America’s first trans-Jenner?

    Get it? “Trans-Jenner?” HAHAHAHAHAHA, I’m hilarious.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      There’s a graphic on FB of that photo with a text about how the car comes complete with a rebuilt trannie. ::snork::