Light bulbs! ACK!!

Dunno about you, but I’m going kinda loopy trying to buy replacement bulbs. I’m beginning to envy the younger generation. They don’t have 60 years of light bulb habits to relearn.

I finally hit the net for info and found this good page. It’s got a list of terms with explanations, a video about how to read the new labels and pick what you actually want, and a video on how to clean up a broken Curly Fries bulb.

First fun fact I learned is that the important number on the box is no longer watts, but lumens.

Light bulb chart


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6 responses to “Light bulbs! ACK!!

  1. Great chart! The LEDs are really a great way to go, now that they’re getting a little cheaper. We’re starting to slowly replace our incandescents with LEDs as we can afford it. But there is not a single CFL in the house, and we’re trying to replace the fluorescents, as well. Nothing like mercury vapor to ruin your day.


    • I detest fluorescents; unfortunately, my husband likes them. He has them in his home office, but I won’t allow them in any other room in the house. (Well, except the furnace room.) I have enough incandescent bulbs stashed away to last for many years, but I’ll probably start switching over to LEDs as they become less expensive.


      • I like the incandescents, also. It’s too bad that they use so much juice and generate so much heat, though. Even the LEDs get pretty hot, unfortunately.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          I’m grateful they invented the LEDs. I really was mad about the law when I thought it was going to force me to become a light bulb scofflaw because I didn’t tolerate the stinky curly fries bulbs.


  2. Quick search found American-made incandescent bulbs available online. I think there are others. For those of us resisting tyranny.

    Proper method for cleaning up after toxic curly-bulbs? Do not buy in the first place.

    When they first came out, we bought two. Noticed right away they didn’t work with my dimmers (every room light) and the color value was pale and ugly.

    Relegated one to a closet, where it’s rarely used, but I wish it would die.

    The other went in a desk lamp where in a remarkably short time a couple of cats chasing each other through the living room knocked that lamp over and we called in the hazmat team vacuumed thoroughly and vowed never to buy those wacky progressive bulbs again.

    Milady adds: proper procedure is, you’re never supposed to vacuum.

    Thanks for the chart, Chrissy. I don’t mind alternatives, of course; I detest the Commies forcing the markets.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I too tried curly fries when they first came out. The smell made me sick and the darn thing made the radio and t.v. all fritzy. I put the bulb out on the porch where neither problem was a problem and the lack of a filament was a benefit, since that wall shakes hard enough to break filaments when certain people of the male husband type SLAM that dratted door. So I was off CFS for indoors before I knew they were toxic.

      Dearest bought some LEDs that are too bright for where we wanted replacement bulbs. The base made me nervous (CFS smell) and the label said it might interfere with equipment. So I was Not Happy, but the blasted halogen bulbs we tried burned out way too fast.

      We put one of the LEDs in the foyer where the smell wouldn’t affect princess me. Dearest was able to use his cell phone standing right next to it, so the next experiment will be the bathroom where we are down to our last bulb of the right size and brightness for that fixture. It takes 3 bulbs, so well, Dearest may be sporting tissue patches on his face if we don’t get some light in there.

      I ordered LEDs that I hope will work. The bathroom has an external vent fan, so if the base smells, I can ventilate quickly and remove the offending beasties.

      This is all reminding me a lot of the trauma we all experienced when the gummint broke up Ma Bell. The initial transition was a giant PITA, but much as I hate gummint interfering in markets, I gotta admit, the whole phone thing is a lot better now.

      And maybe that isn’t a good example. How did Ma Bell have that monopoly in the first place anyway?