MEDIA FAIL: NBC reports Rubio obeys the law …

… even the ones he doesn’t like!

2015_12 10 Rubio has insurance



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2 responses to “MEDIA FAIL: NBC reports Rubio obeys the law …

  1. I feel ya, Marco. I swore I was gonna stay about as far away from Obamacare as the polar bear at the hootnanny (whu …?), but my ten-year affiliation with Blue Shield of CA came to an end when their $602 monthly for a “Bronze” HSA PPO-60 was bested by an identical Anthem Blue Cross plan for $502 (both $5000 deductible).

    My new policy begins in January, and I feel like I capitulated to the enemy. I still have a useless insurance policy that will never kick in barring some catastrophic event, but at least I’m saving $1200/year on my $6000+ annual premiums 😦

    There’s gotta be a better way to do all this.