The latest atrocity committed by ISIS

ISIS terrorist members executed 25 persons in Mosul on charges of spying and collaborating with Iraqi security forces. But it wasn’t a quick bullet to the brain. No. These animals lowered each person into a tub of nitric acid.

2016 Nitric acid on human flesh

This story is two days old. Google “nitric acid ISIS” and see how many hits you get for the Lame Stream Media. I just did it and the answer I got was zero.

Dumbocrat toon - Muslim vs Republican



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2 responses to “The latest atrocity committed by ISIS

  1. Wow, these last few posts … we’re living in dangerous times, huh?

    I envision the forces of darkness fortified for battle, arrayed across the heavens and the earth, real Ephesians s**t. And their gatekeeper has been, and is, Barack Obama. This must be an apocalyptic era, since souls on both sides of the barricades agree no matter what, this can’t go on as it is.

    As mentioned in my lo-o-ong comment below, when enough people want to burn it down, something will burn. It’s almost the hour of reckoning, and I only wish we all knew what the hell that means.

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