This Is Just Sick

For eight long years, the Obama kids were treated like royalty. Vacations in Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii, travel all over Africa, Europe, and Asia. Every picture ever taken shows how unappreciative they are of anything anybody does for them. They expect special treatment, just like their daddy. The only time I ever saw Malaria smile was when she was blowing weed and showing her butt at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. There’s a new president, a Republican president. He has several children, including a 10 year old named Barron. Will he be shown the same courtesy the Obama kids had? Not on your life. There are no rules when it comes to attacking any Republicans family.

‘Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter’: Calls for SNL writer to be fired over ‘tasteless’ tweet targeting Trump’s youngest son

Katie Rich wrote: ‘Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter’

She deleted the tweet and set her account to private after barrage of criticism.

Some called for her Twitter account to be deleted; others tried to get her fired.

Barron Trump attends elite private school in New York’s Upper West Side and will finish out the year before he moves to the White House with Melania Trump.

Modern Family actor Julie Bowen was also criticized for several Instagram posts.

In one, she joked the 10-year-old was on his Gameboy, while another caption suggested he was embarrassed by his dad.

Melania Trump received a lot of criticism for not appearing on the campaign trail with Trump. But with the way that people attack her son can you blame her? I bet the kid has a hard enough time trying to enjoy a normal life and that’s all Melania wants to give him. Make life for him as normal as possible.

Screw you, leftists. Quit preaching for tolerance when you can’t even be nice to a kid.

[CtH: What the HELL?!  Barron is ten years old.  TEN.  I’m so glad these twerps got so much blow back.]




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5 responses to “This Is Just Sick

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    “Fat women out walking” ROFLLLLL!!!!

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  2. freedom1781

    Did anyone here watch the inaugural parade? I switched back and forth between CBS and ABC online. Had to suffer through all the liberal drivel, but I love parades so I hit mute when it got too insane. I loved watching the first families’ faces during that parade. When these huge tractors came by the observation platform, Barron’s face lit up and he got so excited. It was so adorable.

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    • That IS adorable. I just got off the phone with Solaratov. He’s in the hospital and has a TV, so he got to watch the whole parade. He echoed the same sentiments. I didn’t get to watch, unfortunately, so I appreciate the news!


      • freedom1781

        Trump got teary-eyed when the Wounded Warriors and the Paralyzed Veterans came by the observation platform. No one made a comment about it though, I guess they don’t want to make him appear human.

        How’s Sol doing? I haven’t been on the blogs much so I don’t know what’s going on with everyone.

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        • He’s recovering from about 5 kinds of pneumonia. They should get that cleared up soon. But he’s had to quit smoking when they diagnosed him with COPD or Emphasema? Also, 2 other kinds of cancer, but otherwise, his usual crusty self. 😉

          Do you remember Noah? He’s getting sent from Pendleton to Virginia (Norfolk area) in just a few days! He’s completed the latest Marine combat school and is headed for some security training before getting deployed. We’re going to be out there 2nd and 3rd weeks of Feb and will be spending some weekend time with him. We could go get some dinner if you like. Maybe Zoph would meet up with us and tell us what the Inauguration was like. I’m sure she went. She lives on the beltway.