Cat Crazies

Not much has changed since yesterday. Democrats still acting like wildebeests high on locoweed, frothing over Comey getting his walking papers. Same old stuff. This is an homage to our resident cat expert, Bluebird, and all the erstwhile critter lovers. If anything happens today, I may post some of it. Maybe not.


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  1. I had just got through feeding our pack of four-footers, when I went online to find this fine documentary about life with cats! Cats, and whatever that thing is in the first pic.

    We had storms all night. Thunder kept the dog at my bedside.

    Pet, pet, pet, “it’s okay boy,” pet, pet, petttt… zzzzz zzz… Thunder crashes
    OW! (dog claws at my arm)… pet, pet, pet, “it’s okay, boy,” pet, pet, petttzzzz… repeat.

    Now he hasn’t touched his food, and the cats didn’t exactly come a-runnin’ for theirs. Maybe they wanted to be fed outside, like nice days, and don’t put it together that the porch is too flooded, critters!

    Mostly, I suspect, as usual during stormy days, they want me to stop the wetness and bring back that big yellow ball of warmth, because, you know, to them, Mrs pet-god and I seem to be all-powerful server of feedings, pettings, light, warmth, and shelter. I try to tell them, yes, I am a god over you, but I have gods over me who run the weather – but they don’t understand. Relativistic divinity is not in their theology.

    (Sorry for long comment. Coffee just hit me, I think.)

    Good morning, PoliNationals. God grant you a good day today.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Wait, what? You mean you AREN’T in charge of the weather?!

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      • cth: You mean you AREN’T in charge of the weather?!

        Who are you, one of my cats?? 🙂

        Well, I guess I do control the weather… inside the house. But outside that little mini-Paradise is a superior being’s jurisdiction.

        Rains slacked off enough for dog to go hit the yard and do his biz. Poor guy. Cats can at least used the litter box.

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  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Oh, Pete, these are WONDERFUL! I have a disabled friend who lives alone with her cat (IOW, isolated). She LOVES to get a little funny from me whenever I have one. I’m going to stretch these out and give her a chuckle every day for more than a week! Thank you so much.

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  3. I’m no cat expert — I’m just a soft-hearted schmuck who could never say “no” when one or another of my kids brought home some pathetic stray and said pleadingly, “Can I keep it, Mom?”

    Right now I’m down to four felines in residence, from a high of six two years ago. My 17-year-old cat Leah, a beautiful blue-eyed tabby/calico/siamese mix, stopped eating and was slowly dwindling away (although she kept drinking water, so she never got dehydrated). She never complained, and never gave any indication of being in pain — just started staying in her little box and sleeping about 23.5 hours a day. If she had ever seemed to be suffering, I would have taken her to the vet and had her put down, but she didn’t, so I didn’t. Then one morning she got out of her box and limped over to the bench by the window and laid down underneath it, and she never got up again. We went over to her every couple of hours and talked to her to see if she would respond, and in the late evening, she stopped responding. My husband took her out in the back yard and buried her next to her sister, Rachel, who died two years ago. R.I.P. Leah.


    • That is such a pretty kitty!

      Never an easy way to lose our furry pals, but “just faded away” is a lot better than some of the deaths we’ve had to go through. We only have 4 cats and 1 dog now, but we’ve had so many cats (and a few dogs) since we moved to our little rural home a couple of decades ago, and each one was special.

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      • Leah was the first cat in our forty years of cat herding who died a natural death. We had one who died after being hit by a car, and many that had to be put down, but Leah had the kind of peaceful death I wish all animals (including the human ones) could have.