NYT buries the lede

Heads up, you stoopid right-wing, Christian, Trump supporters!

2017_07 04 NYT headline

Oh wait.

2017_07 05 NYT para 10



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2 responses to “NYT buries the lede

  1. facebkwallflower

    I visited with relative from Detroit and these are Chaldean brought in during Iraqi war. People are mixed feeling about it because if they are sent back it is seen as instant death. People are saying that a “death sentence” is too severe for their crimes.

    One relative argued, as the only one he knows in the area for deportation, that that is irrelevant and being criminals they will go “dark” in Iraq when returned and so not get killed. It seems, I was told, Trump made a deal with Iraq or something that they would stay off the travel ban list if they would take these people who may or may not be Iraqi citizens. I have not even tried to vet this info. It was over 200 Chaldeans. Hitting close to home for many in the community, they changed some of their support for deport, deport, deport.

    My relative asked a group of supporters trying to get the refugees to stay in USA, “Wouldn’t you want to become a citizen of the greatest country on earth if they had rescued you from such evil? Why would you want to stay here forever and NEVER become a citizen?”

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thanks for sharing. I don’t know any refugees from the Middle East. Our town mostly has Russian Christians who fled to escape religious persecution. I think our church was talking about sponsoring a family, but I don’t know if they followed through or not.