We are coming, Nineveh

That’s the name the Iraqi government and allied militias gave their nine month battle to retake the city of Mosul, Iraq, which ISIS seized in June 2014. Maybe we should say now, “We have arrived, Nineveh”, because the cowardly, murderous scum have fallen and Mosul is once again under Iraqi control.

2017_07 09 Mosul retaken

US officials have compared the fight in Mosul to the intensity of warfare in World War II. Some of the enemy has not surrendered, fled, or died, and continue to fight on, so the city is not totally secure just yet. In addition, allies have still to safely remove all the booby traps and ordinance left behind, like this IED hidden in a little girl’s backpack.

2017_07 10 IED in girls backpack

The city of Nineveh, made famous in the Bible, was on the eastern bank of the Tigris in the modern day city of Mosul.

In 2008, U.S. and allied forces took Mosul from al-Qaeda in what the London’s Sunday Times called “the culmination of one of the most spectacular victories of the war on terror.”

The U.S. media yawned.

After all, the MSM’s Democrat apologists posing as journalists could hardly admit that Bush’s Surge under General Petraeus had actually WORKED and that we had won “the stupid war.” That might damage then-Senator “I was against the war before anybody else was” Obama’s election effort or, maybe even worse, make Bush look good. Can’t have that.

According to the Obama’s view of the world, leaving our troops in Iraq to help defend that infant democracy from Muslim extremists would be “imperialist.” So in August 2010, he began removing our forces. The were all out by the end of 2011.

Two and a half years later, ISIS seized Mosul and decimated it.

2017_07 10 Mosul decimated OBAMA



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3 responses to “We are coming, Nineveh

  1. Pistol Pete

    Iraq Declares Victory Over ISIS In Mosul (With The Help Of U.S.)
    The policy of annihilation, not ‘attrition.’

    The Iraqi government has declared victory in their battle against ISIS in the strategic northern city following a bloody eight-month battle.
    The terror group has held the city for the past three years and has been pounded incessantly by US coalition-led aircraft.


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