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This is the weird stuff. The serious stuff will follow. After lunch. We must have our priorities.

Lena Dunham Sells Dress She Cried in When Clinton Lost Election

Lena Dunham is selling the dress she cried in when Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election to President Donald Trump, with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.

Online luxury consignment store the RealReal is selling Dunham’s “Zenzo ruffle-accented printed dress” for $125.00. The dress comes with a personal note from the “Girls” creator and 70 percent of the proceeds from the sale will go to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Hill reported.

Dunham is selling 196 pieces of clothing from her closet online.

[CtH: And they mock Ivanka for selling her dress designs?!]

Police Shoot People Dressed As The Joker And Harley Quinn

“Saints & Sinners invites fun couples who agree to the terms and conditions of an adult event, keeping in mind many of our guests are sexually uninhibited. This includes dressing in erotic outfits and accepting what happens on the night as adult fun!”

Bar employees said to the Herald Sun that both of the people shot were innocent and emphasized that Ewins had a toy gun, not a real weapon.

Texas teen electrocuted after cell phone incident in bathtub

Madison Coe’s mother and grandmother tell us she was in the bathtub, and either plugged her phone in or simply grabbed her phone that was already plugged in. It happened at her father’s house in Lovington, NM.

Madison just graduated 8th grade from Terra Vista Middle School in Frenship ISD.

Dublin brothel rents out 32E SEX DOLL for £80 an hour…and ‘Passion Dolly’ gets scores of visitors every week. Sex dolls are coming out of the shadows and Dolly is breaking new ground in a Dublin brothel. GONE are the days of blow-up women with perpetually open mouths – sex dolls are rapidly evolving and becoming more lifelike than ever

Weighing eight stone with 32 E boobs, the doll imported from America has a metal skeleton covered in silicone and responds to vibrations moving like a human.

She is being leased out by two Eastern European sex workers who allow men to pay to spend time with her – but not remove her from the premises.

Pregnant Woman Arrested For Cupcake Battery

According to cops, Latonya Daugherty, 24, was quarreling with her 30-year-old sibling when the “verbal argument escalated.” Daugherty (seen above) allegedly “picked up frosted cup cakes and threw them at” Edddie Yaddow.

The cupcakes, an arrest affidavit notes, struck Yaddow in the arm and chest.

Yaddow, investigators say, retaliated by removing frosting off his arms and “wiping it in her hair.” Yaddow, pictured at right, also allegedly kicked Daugherty in the stomach.

Police: Clerk Shoots Suspect Who Was Allegedly ‘Making Threats’ over Two Cans of Beer
According to an Action News 5 video news report, “A customer entered the gas station and tried to walk out with two cans of beer without paying.” Police said the alleged robbery attempt resulted in a confrontation with the clerk, and the suspect then allegedly “started harassing the store clerk and reportedly implied he had a gun,” which is when the clerk pulled an actual gun and opened fire, striking the suspect once.  The suspect fled, only to be apprehended “outside the business.”

[CtH: My mommy’s ism = “If I didn’t like it at full price, I’m not going to like it no matter how much they mark it down.”]


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