More idiocy

Kelly is an Irish-Catholic from Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Massachusetts (and Boston in particular), were known world-wide as the nexus for the American antislavery movement.
  • The Catholic Church was the FIRST to condemn the racist treatment of native peoples in the New World. See the 1537 papal bull “Sublimis Deus” by Pope Paul III.
  • Plus, you know, the KKK hated Blacks, Jews, AND CATHOLICS.

“Empty barrels make the most noise” is an idiom so old, nobody seems to know where it originated.

  • It refers to the fact that, when you rap on a full barrel, it makes a dull thud, but when you rap on an empty barrel, it reverberates like a drum.
  • The expression is used to refer to people who are the loudest at parties, always showing off at work, boasting about their accomplishments to anyone who will listen, or acting as the know it all.
  • It has no racial overtones or undertones or linguistic history. At least, it didn’t until now, when Leftist idiots have decided that ANYTHING a Republican says MUST BE RAAACIST, because REPUBLICANS ARE RAAACISTS!


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