NoKo Threat

Defense Sec. Mattis: North Korea ICBM launch “went higher than any previous shot they’ve taken,” part of effort to build missiles “that can threaten everywhere in the world.”

Sensible people took to prayer. Democrats howled at the uncaring sky.

2017_11 28 Millennial ignorance tweet


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2 responses to “NoKo Threat

  1. Pistol Pete

    I doubt anybody in that 3rd world shit hole has the balls to tell that fat little prick Trump is not the candy ass that Obama was.If Trump has to take action,it will end quickly and very badly for Rocket Man.
    Trump on North Korean missile launch: ‘We will take care of it’
    President Donald Trump on Tuesday responded to the latest North Korean missile launch, saying, “I will only tell you that we will take care of it,” and that the launch was “a situation that we will handle.” Trump gave no details on precisely what he meant by this.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I SOOOOO appreciate the way he always says, “I will not comment on military plans.” I never understood why his predecessor was so dimwitted about that issue. I’m quite sure he understood that coaches don’t go broadcasting their game strategies to the enemy beforehand, you know?

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