Re: Durbin’s integrity and honor

Democratic Whip, Senator Dick Durbin reported that President Trump called some countries “s**tholes” during an immigration meeting with members of Congress.

Other senators who were at the immigration meeting with Durbin and Trump have said they don’t recall Trump saying “s***hole.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer took their statements as a direct assault on Durbin’s integrity.

2018_01 14 Schumer tweets about Durbin

Well, dang, Chuck. It’s not like Durbin doesn’t have a history of lying and talking trash about Republicans. Let’s consider for example his recent claim that President Trump’s remarks “were hate filled, vile and racist.”

::coughcough:: So, yeah, not at all like that time in 2005, when Durbin got up on the Senate floor and said U.S. troops were like Nazis, Soviets, and Khmer Rouge.

He was forced to get up on the Senate floor again, to apologize, but his apology wasn’t what you’d call “sincere.” His exact words:

“Some may believe that my remarks crossed the line. To them, I extend my heartfelt apologies.”

[That’s kinda like saying, “I’m sorry you’re stupid.”]

In 2013, Durbin was caught straight up lying, alleging that one GOP congressional leader told President Obama, “I can’t even stand to look at you.”

That never happened. He lied.

As for Durbin’s high dudgeon over President Trump calling “chain migration” by the term “chain migration”, puh-leeze. The term “chain migration” has been part of the vernacular surrounding the immigration debate for decades. Suddenly, Durbin decides it’s a racist dog whistle?

“African-Americans believe they migrated to America in chains and when you talk about chain migration, it hurts them personally.”

What a hypocrite. In 2010, Durbin supported chain migration, using that exact term, in his Senate speech about the Dream Act.

But even if Trump said what Durbin said he said, it’s ridiculous for Durbin et al. to be hitting their fainting couches over it. Two years ago, President Obama called Libya a “s***show.”

No liberal heads exploded.



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5 responses to “Re: Durbin’s integrity and honor

  1. As I have said many times, and will no doubt say many times again, if you called the USA a sh*thole you would get no argument from the leftists who are currently having the vapors over Trump’s remark (which he may or may not have made, but what difference, at this point, does it make?).

    Barack Obama obviously believed the USA was a sh*thole, whether or not he ever used that particular term in relation to it. He was constantly castigating the USA for its shortcomings, exaggerating its flaws while underplaying its strengths, apologizing to the world for its past misdeeds, and undermining its prestige and position. If all you knew about the USA was what you heard from Barack and Michelle Obama, you would have to conclude that the place is a sh*thole.

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  2. “Durbin’s integrity and honor”

    Hard to believe your keyboard didn’t melt down just typing that. Or that our monitors didn’t fritz trying to display it.

    At the very least, hearty guffaws at the very idea.

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