Stupid and Dishonest

2018_07 27 Handmaid's Tale

Almost anywhere Vice President Pence goes these days, women show up to protest his very existence by dressing like the women in the t.v. series “Handmaid’s Tale.”

Planners state, “Pence is one of the most dangerous reactionary figures in modern history. … He has dutifully supported and been instrumental in every Trump policy since they made their unholy, “holy” alliance to bring Christian Fascism to the heart of this regime. He is a key figure in ushering in a theocratic society right out of the Handmaids Tale.”

This whole thing is both stupid and dishonest.

First of all, the very idea of “Christian Fascism” is absurd. The only two actual fascist regimes — Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany — were profoundly ANTI-Christian.

Then there’s the teensy weensy fact that Mike Pence is the most decent guy EVER. The fact that he is devout, pro-life Catholic should not be an issue in a society that embraces religious freedom.

These feminist progs never seem to object to any devout, pro-life Muslim leaders whose regimes are, you know, ACTUAL theocracies where ACTUAL women are ACTUALLY oppressed.

Another troubling aspect of these exercises in “Look At Me” street theater is that the star of “Handmaid’s Tale,” Elisabeth Moss, is a lifelong member of the Church of Scientology, a organization with a long and well documented history of ACTUALLY abusing women in the name of religion.


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