The System at Work

The state of our education system is going according to the progressive playbook. Rail against individual achievement, forbid prayer, promote Islam and homosexuality. In the inner city, an alarmingly high number of students never graduate. They’ve been conditioned to shun responsibility. Most drop out at 16 and begin their careers as drug dealers, thieves, gang members and spawning as many children as they can. It is no surprise that these schools cannot meet even the lowest standards.

Baltimore Schools Were About To Cut Athletes For Low GPA’s Until Six Schools Couldn’t Field Any Sports Teams

Baltimore schools delayed implementing a grade policy in August that would have prevented six schools from fielding any sports teams

The Sun speculated that the delayed implementation and revision would permit 225 more students to take part in BCPS athletics. But student athletes will need to meet the 2.0 GPA cutoff by Nov. 9, the end of the district’s first quarter, to compete in winter sports.


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Keep them stupid and you keep them in the ghettos, dependent on government hand-outs.


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