Backing the Badge

Recall the dark days when former emperor Obama would always accuse the police of wrongdoing out of hand with no evidence whatever. My opinion is it emboldened his minions to be more aggressive in confronting and killing officers. Imagine law enforcement, as with our military, welcome a leader who truly respects them and has their back.

Police chiefs’ group welcomes Donald Trump’s ‘unwavering’ support

“I want to express my gratitude for what you do every day, protecting our communities, our families, our streets and taking down crime,” Trump told the crowd of nearly 3,000 top police officials yesterday. “What you do is keep America safe and no one does that better than you.”

“Scrutiny that municipal law enforcement has been under in the last few years has caused challenges with hiring, recruitment and retention,” Ryan told the Herald. “So any support from the corner office is helpful … and that is an easy answer, this administration has been unwavering in its support.”

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