UK Telegraph Apologizes Bigly

2019_01 26 uk tel apology

Following last Saturday’s (Jan 19) Telegraph magazine cover story “The mystery of Melania”, we have been asked to make clear that the article contained a number of false statements which we accept should not have been published. Mrs Trump’s father was not a fearsome presence and did not control the family. Mrs Trump did not leave her Design and Architecture course at University relating to the completion of an exam, as alleged in the article, but rather because she wanted to pursue a successful career as a professional model. Mrs Trump was not struggling in her modelling career before she met Mr Trump, and she did not advance in her career due to the assistance of Mr Trump.

We accept that Mrs Trump was a successful professional model in her own right before she met her husband and obtained her own modelling work without his assistance. Mrs Trump met Mr Trump in 1998, not in 1996 as stated in the article. The article also wrongly claimed that Mrs Trump’s mother, father and sister relocated to New York in 2005 to live in buildings owned by Mr Trump. They did not. The claim that Mrs Trump cried on election night is also false.

We apologise unreservedly to The First Lady and her family for any embarrassment caused by our publication of these allegations. As a mark of our regret we have agreed to pay Mrs Trump substantial damages as well as her legal costs.


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4 responses to “UK Telegraph Apologizes Bigly

  1. BWAAAH-HAAH-HAA! Also Nelson Muntz point-and-laugh.

    That… has to be the most amazing retraction ever.

    Milady says, “Any one of those things would have been bad journalism. This was just a hit piece. Shows what good libel laws will do.”

    (Looking at the Covington lawyer.)

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Excellent gif!! LOL

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      • Isn’t that great? There were lots of good animated GIFs when I searched on “Happy Dance.” When I saw this one, though, I looked no further. It had that special “kick up your heels” action appropriate to this news.

        (With a lot of live-action GIFs, there’s a clear jump-cut from the end to the restart, but here it’s nearly imperceptible. We Graphick Arteests can appreciate such technical expertise, right, chrissy? 😀 )

        Tags on the post say #happy dance, #gene kelly, #frank sinatra (I wasn’t sure it was Frank ’til I checked), #1949, and #take me out to the ball game (link is to the movie at iMDB). I’ve never seen it, or maybe caught some on tv in my yout’, but it’s on my look-for list now.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I always enjoy Milady’s perspective. 🙂

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