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Abortion is not empowering

ABORTION IS NOT EMPOWERING: Authentic feminism loves BOTH woman and child!

Standing outside

OUR TIME IS NEVER WASTED: When we stand outside an abortion clinic to pray and offer support – Sometimes we see babies saved and that is amazing. But even when we don’t, it’s still good to be there.

Consider that Our Lady, and Mary Magdalene, and St. John did not save Jesus when they stood at the foot of the Cross.  But they wanted to near Him when He died — to be, literally, “close to Jesus to the last” — for no other reason than because they loved Him.

In a similar way, we may not be able to save every baby from abortion.  But we can be near them when they die and thereby love them in this uniquely powerful way. And in so doing, we fulfill the beatitude: “Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

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MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: I can’t even. Read this if you have a strong stomach.

2019_03 A patient is a person

A PATIENT IS A PERSON: An unborn baby girl in England is continuing to develop well following surgery at 24 weeks of pregnancy to repair a hole in her spinal cord. Even though this surgery is becoming more available, about 80 percent of unborn babies diagnosed with spina bifida are aborted. That’s not health care. That’s murder.


GIRL SCOUTS ❤ ABORTION: The Girl Scouts enjoy such a cozy relationship with the abortion industry that one branch recently gave its highest award to a teen for promoting abortion.

DEFENDING THE UNBORN: Hate speech? – Two female city council members in Norman, Oklahoma, literally turned their backs on a citizen as he addressed the council before regarding abortion.

Council member Robert Castleberry, however, became upset with his colleagues, and later in the meeting apologized to Mr. Dodson for their behavior. But the two women were not apologetic, and didn’t like that Castleberry had apologized for them.

CHRISTIAN? UNIVERSITY: Blocks speaker for “radical” pro-life views – Screw challenging students to think deeply about difficult issues. To hell with free speech. And while you’re at it, rip all the pages out of the Bible that mention how much God loves children and hates murder.

The speaker, Star Parker, is the founder of the 800-pastor network Center for Urban Renewal and Education and has long argued that the conservative agenda of traditional values, limited government and free markets are the greatest benefit to low-income Americans, especially African-Americans, in inner cities.

LAKE ERIE IS NOW A “PERSON”: Unborn human beings still being slaughtered – In a special election, 61% of voters in Toledo, Ohio, chose to give Lake Erie, one of the five Great Lakes, the same legal rights to “exist, flourish, or naturally evolve” as a human being.

Meanwhile, Toledo continues to ignore numerous health care violations and a high rate of complications at its notorious abortion facility, Capital Care Network. One of the abortionists there was also caught in possession of child pornography.

ANOTHER WIN FOR ADULT STEM CELLS: After receiving adult stem cell treatment, a second HIV patient has gone 18 months with no sign of the virus returning. Adult stem cells carry none of the ethical baggage associated with using stem cells from aborted human embryos and are not only effective, but have been in wide use for years. In fact, adult stem cells are the only successful stem cell in clinical practice, now treating more than 70,000 patients a year for a variety of ailments.

ALABAMA: An Alabama man is suing the abortion clinic that killed his child without his consent, as he was attempting to stop them. His suit has been filed on behalf of himself and unborn “Baby Roe” and the judge has agreed.

This is believed to be the first US case in which an aborted fetus has been recognized to have legal rights. According to a report from WHNT News 19, it is unclear if Judge Barger knew he was granting rights to an aborted fetus.

The father is seeking a jury trial in the case.

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