Culture of Death

22 weeks

Once you start classifying any human being as “property” rather than “person”, horrors like this naturally follow.

An NIH-funded doctor at the taxpayer-funded University of Pittsburgh has published details of the grotesque technique he has developed to harvest fresh, pristine livers from abortion victims.

First, they induced labor to force premature delivery of live, intact, 18 to 22 week fetuses, so they will have intact abdomens from which livers can be removed in a sterile manner.

After delivery, “the specimens” (live babies like the one in the photo above) were placed into sterile bags containing a liver storage solution, then transport them on ice immediately to the cell isolation facility.

Once there, each fetus was weighed, rinsed with an iodine solution, and placed onto a sterile surgical tray. Then they had their livers cut out.

The babies either died when they were submerged in the bags for transport or after their bodies were cut open to harvest their livers.

Dr. Mengele would be proud.

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