How Gracious is Our God

This video is very well worth your time [21:33] – A former abortionist describes her mental, emotional, and spiritual journey from being eager to learn how to dismember second-trimester fetuses to being opposed to abortion. It’s a powerful testimony.

Half-way through the interview, she talks about the part of her journey that involved her finally connecting her dad’s experiences as a soldier who opened up a concentration camp to what she had done as an abortionist. If you don’t consider someone human, you can do anything you want. That’s when I realized I was a mass murderer.

The rest of the interview is about her healing from that horrifying awakening and what she thinks about pro-life advocacy now.

On a personal note, my first veterinarian was a semi-retired WWII veteran who practiced out of his basement. He had gone to Cornell Veterinary College and, being Catholic, had attended Mass in the very chapel on campus where I had been baptized and had fond memories of the priest who had baptized me and been my pastor until he died when I was in high school.

I think my vet kind of thought of me as a surrogate granddaughter or something, because he was always very chatty when I brought in my numerous pets and rescues. One time when I came in, he let me meet the 6-week-old lion cub he was treating for concussion. He was the local zoo vet; the inexperienced mama lion had dropped poor junior on his head! Anyway, back to my main point …

Another day, when I came in, he tossed a pile of black and white photos my way, saying he’d been cleaning and thought I’d find them interesting. He also had been with one of the American units that opened up a concentration camp. The photos were his personal snapshots of the living, the dead, and the facilities. I was never a Holocaust doubter; I’m not sure that was even a thing back then. But if I had been, those photos would’ve changed my mind.

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  1. Maureen Senzamici

    Thank you for sharing Aunt Chrissy. This was a very powerful video.