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ABORTION: In Mexico, activists claimed 100,000 women had died from illegal abortions. In fact, that was the total number of people, male and female, who had died from all diseases. And in El Salvador, pro-aborts claimed that women were being jailed for “abortions”, when in fact, forensic evidence had established that the “full term babies [had been] strangled, stabbed, struck with a rock, had their necks broken, suffocated in septic tanks or inside plastic bags.”

BORDER: Texas Gov. Abbott says Texas has transported 8,100 more illegal aliens to Washington, 2,600 more to New York, and 675 more to Chicago.

CATHOLIC: [14:47] – Pastor John MacArthur makes fallacious claims about what the Catholic Church teaches about Mary. It would be nice to say he’s just ignorant and maybe lazy for not having done better research, but the fact is that he appears to have deliberately misquoted a Catholic source to make it sound like it says the exact opposite of what it actually says! IMO, that’s just sinful.

FAUCI: On Wednesday, the evil little gnome admitted that he knew lockdowns would harm the economy and schoolchildren, but pushed them anyway.

FLORIDA: [1:00] – Awesome!

LOCKDOWNS: The World Economic Forum (WEF) is boasting that mass compliance with draconian COVID-19 mandates helped pave the way for upcoming “climate”-related restrictions. … Hmmm … yeah, no. I’m thinking they’re going to have a much harder time getting us to comply ever again, cuz “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

MANDATES: A U.S. District Judge has struck down the mask and vaxxx mandates the FAUXTUS administration attempted to impose on everybody in Head Start. The ruling said the agency had no right to make medical decisions for the program’s students, employees, and volunteers.

MIDTERMS: The Cook Political Report, which appears to have a decent “nonpartisan” rating from both sides, estimates there are 31 seats in the House of Representatives that could go either way. Republicans need only six to take the majority.

MILITARY: Apparently, pandering to those suffering from psychological disorders is now absolutely critical for the academy’s mission of “developing warfighters” to be “prepared to lead the USAF/USSF with character.” Cadets at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado are being told to use “parent” or “caregiver” instead of “mom” or “dad”, “partner” instead of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, and “y’all” instead of “you guys.” The academy also offers a “Cadet Wing Diversity and Inclusion Program,” where graduates are given a purple rope to wear across their left shoulder “symbolizing their position as a diversity representative” so that they can “advise students on diversity.”

MONTANA: A court has issued an injunction on the state’s September 9 law stating that sex is immutable and can not be changed on a person’s birth certificate, even if the individual had undergone surgery. The state has agreed to temporarily abide by the court’s decision.

NEW YORK: New York Attorney General Letitia James on Wednesday filed a $250 million lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, his kids Eric, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., and the Trump Organization — alleging “staggering” fraud in the family real estate business.

P.S., I wasn’t familiar with the movie Misery. After reading the description, I’m glad of that. Brrr.

OFFER IT UP: “How often have you heard that phrase? … The grace of being able to unite our sufferings to Jesus Christ and lift them up to the Father is one of the most tremendous gifts of our Catholic Faith. It’s a powerful way to participate in the sanctification of the world.

It should never cease to amaze us that God, in His sheer goodness, allows us in our own small way to cooperate in the ongoing work of redemption—and that in His economy, nothing is wasted. … Even your most painful wounds, shameful humiliations, and difficult seasons can be joined to the Cross of Jesus Christ and become part of His victory over sin—your own, and that of the world.” – Dan Burke

PELOSI: CLICK [:22] to hear her lie her face off.

TRANS: Parents are frightened into allowing physical mutilation of their minors with the dire threat that the kids will off themselves if they can’t get what the lefties call “gender affirming care.

CLICK [:48] to hear Tucker claim that kids who receive sex reassignment are 19 times more likely than the general population to succeed at killing themselves.

I did a little googling and found a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics that appears to be the source for the “scare the parents” data. In it, teens self-reported twice as many suicide attempts among those with gender issues than those without gender issues. However, an enormous study of mental health outcomes for sex reassignment patients showed zero evidence that such “gender affirming care” improves mental health in any way.

I also found the study Tucker cited, which found that the rate of successful suicides in teens who had endured sex reassignment was 19.1 times greater than among teens in general. That study also showed that the long-term history of these patients included 2.8 times more psychiatric hospitalization than normal peers. They were also 2 to 2.5 times more likely to die from tumors or heart disease.

I think it’s pretty clear that the people doing the “scare the parents” thing are more concerned with the long-term well-being of their income than they are with helping kids who are uncomfortable in their own bodies.

CLICK [30:11] to hear an interview with psychiatrist Dr. Miriam Grossman about gender transition practices being pushed on kids using bad science. She notes that, without any intervention, 60% to 90% of these minors end up being fine with their bodies in adulthood.

GRAMMY NOTES: I am so grateful to my mother who told me, “NEVER TOUCH THAT STUFF!” When Harry Potter came out, I read it with my girls and we watched all the movies. AND we talked about the IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE between enjoying pretend magic (and pretend science in the SciFi stories we also enjoy) and OBEYING GOD’S LAW about not consulting spirits, etc.

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    I didn’t plan this, so I’m thinking the H.S. wanted to underline the message in “Offer it up” above. Today’s Bible widget verse is:

    “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” – Romans 5:3-4

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