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AFRICA: Their message to the West is, “Butt out.” [9:34] – “They” told us they only wanted “equal rights” and we believed them. Now they’re demanding preferential treatment, access to our children, the destruction of marriage and family, etc. etc.

CHIEF TWIT: As his first official act, Musk sent a memo to Twitter advertisers. CLICK the Not the Bee link to read it.

COVID-19: Stanford University medical scientist Professor John Ioannidis examined dozens of studies that broke down ‘rona fatalities by age. The data show that for healthy people under 70, the death rate is at or lower than for the yearly flu. The lockdowns did far more harm than the virus did.

FAUXTUS: “Things are looking bad for Democrats, but will the message of ‘airlines charging extra for more legroom hurts minorities’ turn things around?” – Frank Fleming

HR: CLICK [1:26] to see “A day in the life of a Twitter employee” which is so absurd, I seriously wondered if it’s satire. But the account exists and the places look like photos of Musk’s first days. Also, the posts are protected … which I’m thinking may have happened after the video went mega viral.

INDIANA: The Air Force has identified the person who leaked the private files of Indiana House GOP candidate and USAF Lt. Col. Jennifer-Ruth Green and now admits they were improperly released to an “opposition” firm that made sure Politico got it. Green begged the Politico jerknalist not to publish the part about how she was sexually assaulted by an Iraqi while she was deployed. He ignored her … just like the Iraqi ignored her when she told him to stop the assault. Like everything else, Dems only care about #MeToo when it suits their political agenda.

MICHIGAN: CLICK [3:39] to see a master at work. I’ve never seen any politician handle the press as skillfully as Tudor Dixon did here. I especially like how she never gave reporters any chance to quibble or ask a second question, but answered then immediately turned to another one.

At the second link below is a rundown by a Michigander of Jackboot Gretchen’s lies and what her ‘rona policies were really like.

MIDTERMS: [8:52] – The polls are showing more and more red. Yesterday’s Suffolk/USA Today generic ballot showed GOP (49%) vs. Dem (45%) vs. Undecided (6%). At least one pollster said that, in midterm elections, the undecideds tend to vote according to the sitting president’s popularity. That bodes well for even more red in the races still listed as tossups.

NEW YORK: I proudly voted yesterday for Lee Zeldin. CLICK [1:09]. Elsewhere in the debate, Hochul said she didn’t know why bail is such a big issue for Zeldin. … That right there ::smh::

WAPO: Lefties are melting down over the “death of democracy” that will most definitely be wrought by voters who have free access to information that does not favor Democrats.

WAUKESHA: The driver of the SUV that plowed into a holiday parade, killing six and injuring 62 others, has been found guilty on all 76 charges, which included six counts of first-degree intentional homicide.

GRAMMY NOTES: [11:24] – I have long been bothered by the line in the Guardian Angel prayer, “to rule and guide“, because “rule” felt like an inappropriate abrogation of my free will that God would not permit. However, it occurred to me recently that if I GRANT my angel authority over some aspect of my life, then “rule” becomes valid. I need a LOT of help with what I ingest, so I asked one of my angels to take on the task of being my “health angel” and I gave him the authority to rule me in this area. I have to be careful not to just assume that what I want is what he’s telling me, but the more I put my will under his care, the easier it has become for me to hear what he’s telling me. I am just mentioning this because it is a lot more powerful to make your angel the boss than asking him to help (where you’re still the boss). It also ups the ante for any failure on my part to practice listening obedience.

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